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Welcome to Women’s Business Leadership University!

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I am so thrilled to support you in creating your Mythic Business and Life. I can’t wait to CO-CREATE with you!! Imagine your life 12 months from now. Allow yourself to feel into the energy of your greater-than-ever-imagined self, the possibilities you have only sensed into up until now, actually manifesting …

Your Mythic Self she is here now, ready to be brought into being by you. Who will you be? What will you be creating in your life? In your business? How much will you change as you tap into the energy of the Divine Feminine and create from empty presence? How much will you change the planet by unleashing your Mythic Self? Creating your magnetic mission and movement?

This is the space that we are going to PLAY in together. I invite you to fully step into the energy of your future self, your Mythic Self, 12 months from now, and bring that energy into now!

We are embarking on a journey together like nothing you have ever experienced before. I’m deeply honored that you have chosen me as your Guidess in the mystery of  life and business. We will be mining the mysteries together, excavating the depths and navigating the challenges.

Through the energy of the Divine Feminine, through the love of the Great Mother, I will help you enhance current strengths and activate hidden strengths. I’m delighted and honored to support you in releasing what no longer serves.

Choose to live your life from open-hearted love. It changes everything. All mother asked me to do, has asked you to do, beloved, is to be empty and to walk with an open heart. Sometimes when you walk with an open heart, you get hurt. Be with the pain. Let it go. Really pay attention to the walls. When you contract – don’t judge the walls … welcome them as teachers. Be empty and love! The rest of it is footnotes. Truly walking in this world as an open heart … this is what we are here to do. It is what you are here to do.

It’s time to dissolve your walls … release all but love so you can be the authentic expression of adamantine essence. Trust, drop knowledge, put mind aside … and something immense opens up. This is no longer ordinary life. It’s Mythic Life.

I’m thrilled to play with you, to co-create with you and to contribute to your Mythic Life and Business. I invite you to step into your Divine Self, your Mythic Self your creative genius and your true power and create what you are here to create. Let nothing stand in your way.

As you step into your Mythic Self, I invite you to surpass whatever it is that you want of what I have achieved, what your sisters in this circle or the world have achieved. And, to let go of any way in which you have put me above you, members of this group above you or put others in the world above you. Let it go, dear sister. Release it now. Step into your full potency and claim it now. So we can co-create with the Brilliant Divine You.

Comparisons no more. They don’t serve you. You don’t need them. In some ways, you are ahead of me, and the others and, in some ways, behind. In the world of comparison, someone always loses. In the world of infinite possibilities and expansion, you can always win. Play in this world with me, Beloved. You are Divine Light, I am Divine Light and She is Divine Light. We are all one. As one of us succeeds, we all succeed. Let go of anyone, anything, anywhere, you made greater than you. Women’s Business Leadership University is about inviting you into the infinite possibilities of the brilliance of you when you allow your Mythic Self to flow through you, to lead the way. Can you sense into how every area of your life will change as you step into this space and possibility? I CAN! Your sisters in this circle can see it and sense it too. Thank you for stepping in!

I will give you all the best tools in my toolbox and contribute everything I possibly can. I request that you contribute your brilliance, your own feminine wisdom, to step in and contribute beyond what your mind currently knows, to tap into your inner wisdom, your divine knowing that is always there for you.

What the Divine You knows and how you show up in your being-ness will create this experience BEYOND what any of us ever knew was possible. We are going to PLAY and TRANSFORM from a space of EXPANSION and INFINITE POSSIBILITY. Sounds juicy, eh?

If there is something you need, just ASK!! I am co-creating this experience with you and for you. Even it is uncomfortable, especially when it is uncomfortable, ASK.

If there is something you need in your business and life….ASK!!  

I am here to help you step through the Initiation Gateway to your Mythic Life and Business. I am holding the door open for you to step through. I am not here to give you the answers. I am here to be your Guidess on the amazing journey of your business and life, to offer you alchemical and business tools that will help you see your patterns, how you judge yourself and your circumstances and to see where you long to evolve. I will help you to transform the energy of these patterns that hold you back, to transmute them into fuel for becoming your Mythic Self, to create your Mythic Business and Life.

The secret to Women’s Business Leadership University is that WHO you ARE, your Divine Essence, your Divine Light is ENOUGH!! You have your own SPECIAL MAGIC and YOU are the missing piece to unlocking all that you long for in Business and Life. I am thrilled to support you in RE-DISCOVERING the MAGIC of the MYTHIC YOU that you have always known is possible.

Deep bow to you, dear sister, your magic and your brilliance.

With Wild Blessings, Gratitude and Infinite Amounts of Magic,


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