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Module 4: Speaking!

Design your Hot Talk That Sells and Get Comfy Being Visible! 

Define Your Marketable Transformative System


wbly module 4 home picHaving a hot, spicy, inspiring talk is key to your business, whether you focus on or offline.

The problem is that most visionary entrepreneurs don’t know how to deliver a talk that sells. Through your speaking, people get to know you and sign up to work with you.

In this Module, you will learn to:

  • Design a Hot Talk that sells using state-of-the-art authentic selling techniques, a talk you love to share and that really gets you and your brand out there.
  • Tune into the part of you that knows how amazing you are, and to bring that light to the stage, phone or video so that your divine right clients can see you and are deeply moved by your riveting words.
  • Master your non-elevator pitch so you can share what you do in a natural and aligned way.

Archetypal Theme: Allow the Creator/Preserver/Destroyer to help you cut away your fears of visibility and create compelling confidence. Theme: Choose passion and intensity to experience Oneness. Color: Red, Black and White. Mantra: “I focus. I create.” Goddess Archetypes: Kali Ma, Pele, Tibetan Dakinis, Cerridwen, Sekhmet, Durga

Module 4 Speaking

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Kali Invocation 

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