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 5 Practical Steps to Launching Your Dream Business

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Your Mission Map was my most popular course that I ran between 2012-2014 under the pseudonym, Leela Somaya. You are receiving this course as a bonus for one of my current programs. Enjoy Intuitive Business Planning that integrates all aspects of you! You will get clear on your Mission, Purpose, Vision and Big Why and learn to infuse that into your intuitive business model and plan.

It can be hard to balance your business and the rest of your life. The Radiance Practice Spreadsheets engage you in exciting, essential pre-work to pinpoint which practices will most benefit you in bringing your whole self to your business. We touch on all of life – love, health, wealth, abundance, fun, spirituality, work and more. These customized practices will enhance your vision for the year and empower you with truly innovative ways of managing your energy and reaching the goals you establish for the Your Mission Map course.

Orientation Materials


Pre-Work: Your Wildly Abundant Year & Radiance Practices


Playbook: Wildly Abundant Year

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Playbook: Radiance Practices

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