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Module 5: Systems, Team & Action Planning
It’s time to focus on your Sweet Spot & Ignite your Next Steps from Deep Desire! Find Freedom Through Systems!

You know you need them — even if you’ve been avoiding them for years!

In this Module, you will learn how to think about the technology you need, the basics of web site structure and navigation so you know what you must have on your web site, how to hire support staff, even when you don’t have any money, and how to set effective goals.

Then, I pull everything together that you have learned in the course to create your very own Wildly Abundant Plan so you know exactly what you need to do and when to create the most profitable results.


  • Create your most juicy, fun, amazing year ever by tuning into your body rhythms
  • Implement radiance practices designed to make you glow — and watch your life transform
  • Transmute the energy of overwhelm into lightning bolts of success

Wild Abundance

  • Learn the #1 mistake people make in setting goals — and how to set effective, inspiring goals
  • Understand the best tech systems in easy, step-by-step ways
  • How to hire the support staff you need — even when you have little to no budget

Part 1: Keys to Freedom and Support


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Part 2: Action Planning: Putting it All Together


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