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Each month you will receive

    • A new moon ceremony and transmission (audio)

    • A full moon Live Circle & Daily Nirvana Practice Q&A

    • Invocation of a new Shakthi Power and how to work with its energy

    • Experimentation with a new daily practice

    • Harvesting of learnings from past month

    • Setting monthly targets

Topics we will cover include:

    • Creating a Daily Nirvana Practice that is customzed to you which includes supporting you more fully be the energy of you (and, not what society, your parents, your spouse, or anyone else expects of you)

    • Designing a prosperity plan that supports you in creating wealth in congruence with your calling and in defining what prosperity means to you in every area of your life

    • Using the Jade egg and Tantra to create Daily Nirvana Pleasure in your female body and to increase your prosperity

    • Clearing the Chakras

    • Goddess transmission and deepening with Kali, Durga, Lakshmi and possibly other powerful Goddess energies the group wishes to invoke

Here’s How This Works

One: Create Your Daily Nirvana Practices.

A 40 day practice to support you in creating your daily, weekly and monthly practices to create an experience of Daily Nirvana. The practices will focus on creating congruence with you with your purpose, pleasure and prosperity so that they actualize with ease.

If you wish to purchase just this 40-day practice, it’s available for $22.

Two: Design Your Planifesto (an intuitive work and life plan)

An intuitive planning experience that feels spacious, pleasurable and productive. It feels so much better than the end of year holiday frenzy and the crazy push to create and follow New Year’s resolutions.

It starts in late October/early November with the first Shakthi Fire Power Day, Diwali. Diwali is the Indian Festival of Lights and brings in the Indian New Year.

From Diwali through the entire month of December and early January, I’ll share a fun process to design your year. It includes tuning into your energetic priorities and creating targets from your Shakthi Fire.

What is Planifesting? It’s a combo of Manifesting, Planning and Congruent Choice and Action which results in you actualizing your desires.

You’ll use your whole brain to connect with your pure energy to tap into the spiritual realm and create in the physical realm of this reality, through my unique Planifesting Process to create purpose, pleasure and prosperity. You’ll create your Planifesto and your Daily Nirvana Practices so your Doing will be generated from your Being. I’ll guide you through this process through audios and live calls you will receive between late October/early November and mid-January.

The days of frantically making New Year’s resolutions and putting a lot of pressure on yourself to fulfill them, those days are over. Welcome to a new way to close out the year, harvest the learnings, and tap into your Shakthi Fire to create your year.

Three: Receive a Full Year of Support and Take Congruent Shakthi Fired Action to Actualize Your Desires by Tapping into Infinite Flow

Learn to Use the 10 “Shakthi Fire Potency Days” & 13 Moon Cycles to Planifest and Actualize Your  Desired Targets with Ease So You Can Flourish

  • Each new moon, you’ll receive an audio or video with the new Shakthi  Power which will be derived from the 12 Chakras blended with archetypes of the divine feminine.

  • Each full moon, we will do a live circle to connect and co-create so that each of you feels clear, congruent and confident in making choices that will actualize the reality you desire to create.

  • On each of the 10 Shakthi Rising days, I’ll share a ritual that will allow you to pause, reflect and shift your practices, choices and actions to be more congruent with your Soul, the Season, and what is happening at the time of year.

We will focus on creating a sustainable, nourishing path of ease which includes taking on just enough to challenge you, but not so much that it drains you, fragments you and overwhelms you.  

Your health will improve, your money flows will increase, and you’ll feel more connected to yourself and others, and you’ll be more and more of a contribution to the world because you are creating from your Shakthi Fire and accessing more and more of the state of INFINITE FLOW.


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