Planifesting Process

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Intuitive Planning ToolKit: Part 1 Yin Phase

Before we plant new seeds for the upcoming year, let’s first till the soil by harvesting celebrations and learnings from this year, and also decide which parts of our garden we want to keep from previous years. This makes room and prepares the ground for the new seeds to flourish and thrive in this new year!


Completion of this year

Phase 1: Release, Reflect & Regenerate

Reflect on the following:

1. What am I celebrating from this past year? List at least 3 celebrations.

2. What are 3 lessons or learnings I experienced in this past year? List at least 3 lessons or learnings.

3. What will I release and leave behind?

4. What will I keep and carry forward?

5. Who am I today and who am I becoming as I step into the New Year? List 5 words or phrases.



1. Write your responses to the prompts below

2. Read them aloud in a sacred space to yourself, to another person or in a circle.

3. Optional – Add additional ceremonial elements as you feel guided to do; for example, you could burn the release portion


I RELEASE (perceived failures, incompletions and painful experiences)


I CELEBRATE (breakthroughs, shifts and successes)


I BRING WITH ME INTO 2018 (learnings, transformation, elevation & wisdom)



Creation of your New Year

Initial Reflection

1. What, if anything, do I already know I want to create in the upcoming year?

2. What am I confused about? Decisions? Actions? Inaction? What would I like more clarity on? Use the audios from the experts in helping you go from confusion to clarity.


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