Biz Planning Challenge

Day 1 :: Choose your word(s) of the year

You are one smart cookie for easing into your planning process with us. You are also setting yourself up for massive success.

Businesses who plan grow 60% faster than those that don’t have revenue plans.

60% faster growth? I’ll take that!

On top of that, 71% of the fastest growing companies have plans. Entrepreneurs with plans tend to be more confident AND they tend to stay in business longer . No one hit wonders here. You are planning and long term growth will be yours. Should you so choose.

Here’s your prompt for today: Choose a word for the year.

Some of you like to have several words, so you can have up to 5. My suggestion is to keep it to less than 3.

How do you figure out which word(s)? Here are some ideas for you:

  • Journal about what energies you want to bring into your year
  • Think about something you reflected on that didn’t work out well for you in 2018 or recent years and choose a word that will flip this for you
  • Listen to the interviews for inspiration and see what emerges
  • Ask yourself Priscilla Stephan’s questions that she names in her interview.

Here are her questions – these will help not just with the word for today, but also with the rest of the planning week!

  1. What would my next level Self choose here?
  2. What do I feel called to and excited to create?
  3. What are my core priorities for this year? What’s a must? Here’s a time to be really honest with yourself about what truly matters to you vs what you think you “should” do.This distinction alone can and will save you tons of time and inner conflict.
  4. What are your growth edges? Are they spiritual? Physical? In your relationships? With your business or money? Where are you feeling called to expand beyond where you’ve gone or been before?
  5. What truly nourishes and satiates me? Be willing to release, delegate or stop choosing activities and ways of being that don’t align with your nourishment and joy.
  6. What energy, archetype or ally can I access to support me in being the best and most aligned version of myself?

I’m playing right along with you and my words for the year are Blissipline, Consistency and Congruence!

Now choose your word(s) and go to the Facebook group and comment on the pinned post about Day 1 … or, just do your own post.

Day 2 :: Choose your main target(s)

We rocked out the planning yesterday if I do say so myself! Woohoo!!!!! We are in this together!

Here’s your prompt for today: Choose your main target for the year

I say main target because there are many things you are likely to want to do this year, and I want you to focus. If it’s too hard to choose a main focus, then choose up to 3 and not more than 5.

The difference between goals and targets

Goals have a finality to them, an energy of once you get there, it’s done.

Many of us have lots of shadow and negative energy attached to goal-setting. How many goals have you set and then have “failed” to reach? What about New Year’s Resolutions?

And, how do you feel when you think about goals you haven’t reached? Bad, right?

For many years, I have loved the ideas of targets instead.

A heat-seeking missile is off-target over 90% of the time, and it still hits its target.

If you’re trying to reach a target, and you get off track, you correct yourself to get back on track. It’s not “failing”. It’s either being on or off track to meet the target. That’s it. No judgment.

And, the way we are going to set targets will make it even more fun!

Setting Stimulating Targets

I want you to look at the main areas of your life and daydream about each of them. The areas we are focused on are:

1. Relationship to Self

2. Health/Pleasure

3. Purpose

4. Wealth

5. Relationship to Others (includes Romantic Love)

In your contemplation, ask yourself these questions or keep these things in mind:

  • What lights you up that would you like to receive in these areas that you aren’t yet receiving?
  • What are you afraid to dream about because it seems too large to ask for? Dream about it.
  • If you have any thoughts coming up that feel dark, heavy, release those. They aren’t a part of this exercise and we will address them later.
  • Keep tuning into what lights up your body in each area. Don’t worry about timing, or how it will occur.

I said I was playing right along with you! Here are some of my targets:

  1. I express my Shakti/potency unapologetically.
  2. My body is purring and happy, vibrant, sexy, strong and supple.
  3. I listen to my body and I follow her wisdom and awareness always, no matter what.
  4. Empower 10K people to create soul-driven success and prosperity (I have over 4K people in my community already, so this isn’t a reach for me … if you are just starting out, this would be a reach)
  5. Moneesh and I enjoy soul-level connection in the majority of our interactions.

Now choose your main target(s) and go to the Facebook group and comment on the pinned post about Day 2 … or, just do your own post.

If you missed Day 1, Choose your word(s) for the year, click here to go to the Facebook post and catch up, or find it in your inbox.

Day 3 :: Releasing Shadow Energies and Shifting Your Karma

We began this challenge with positive things like word(s) and target(s) for the year which create hope and expansion. I long to support you and thousands of others to step into your true self and your light and lead from there!  And, it can feel difficult and negative to delve into this realm of the shadows but if you are going to truly lead from soul, you must look at and release your shadows. .

Here’s your prompt for today: Choose the main shadow energy or energies that you want to release this year. Again, don’t choose more than 5.

Your shadow consists of the following:

  1.     Conditioning: Your conditioning from society and your parents about who you should be or not be in order to fit in, to not get kicked out of the tribe. The unconscious behavior patterns you picked up, mostly through your subconscious observing your parents and other significant figures around you and mimicking their behavior
  2.     Pain: Your trauma and wounding, your pain body which includes Toxic Energies that are lies: JCBRAGS – Judgment, Contempt, Blame, Resentment, Anger, Guilt and Shame, lies about your value: Self-doubt, Self-hatred … I am not worthy, I am not enough etc., your painful experiences.
  3.     Karma: Energy patterns from previous lifetimes and this lifetime that will play out until the underlying energy is dissipated.   

Even if you are on a path of awakening, the shadow is controlling more of your life than you realize.

I’m playing along with you and the main shadow energies I want to release are:

  • Being demanding because of my expectations
  • Taking in too much food, courses, products etc. and not being able to digest them – so I want to take in less so it is digestible and also improve my actual digestion in my tummy and colon!
  • Release residual anger and resentment about some of the pain in my 20 year marriage

Now choose the shadow energy or energies you want to release in 2019 and go to the Facebook group and comment on Day 3 post … or, just do your own post.

Day 4 :: Define Inspired Actions to Reach Your Targets

It’s awesome to define all these targets and words for the year and shadows, but if you don’t take inspired action, nothing will actualize and you won’t get the results you long for.

Today we are focused on designing actions and practices, what I call Daily Nirvana Practices, so you can easily become congruent with your words and targets, release the shadows and actualize and receive what you ask for.

What are Daily Nirvana Practices?

Your daily practices and habits make up so much of who you are and what you are able to actualize. Whether you actualize your targets or not is dependent on what actions you are taking or not taking.

Daily Nirvana Practices are the actions and habits that you need to put into place for you to be hitting your targets, as if by magic.

The targets are great AND they can seem too big and overwhelming. We need to get granular and break things down so you know what exact actions to be taking daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

How to Create Your Daily Nirvana Practices

  1.     Take out your targets
  2.     Read through one of them. Then, close your eyes, take a deep breath, do whatever you want to do to connect more deeply to yourself and feel embodied. Then ask yourself, your body, your inner wisdom:
  3.     What action do I need to take to get started on this?
  4.     What other actions am I aware of that I might need to take?
  5.     Do this for each target.
  6.     For each target, write down at least one action you can take to get it started. If you know of more than one action, write down all the actions that occur to you for each of the targets.

Now share your actions in the Facebook group and comment on Day 4 post … or, just do your own post.

Day 5 :: Creating a Soul-Driven Business Roadmap for 2019

We had an amazing and energizing LIVE call:

Taking Massive Action: Turning Your Planifest Insights into a 2019 Soul-Driven Business Roadmap.

We talked about:

  • An easy and fun method to create your soul-driven, intuitive business plan in an hour or two.
  • A way to create a compelling energy map of 12 areas of your life including your great work, your wealth and our connection to yourself and the universe.
  • Support with what you need to do to implement this fabulous plan so you can create the wealth, success and impact you long for!

Click here to access the Intuitive Business Planning Toolkit – Part 2 which used on the call to create your 1 page business plan. It will be very useful to have this document open as you listen to the call recording.

Click the button above to schedule a free call with me get some support with creating your soul-driven business roadmap and defining what actions you need to take to prosper in 2019.

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