Speak Up From Your Heart VideoJam

Empower your hidden voice so you can create true prosperity

in life, love and work.


Kavita Leela Arora

Hidden Gems in a Dark Night of the Soul That Create True Prosperity

LiYana Silver

Finding Your Voice in Unlikely Places

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Christine Arylo

How to Get Over the Superwoman Sob by Speaking Up From Your Heart.

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Jonathan Bender

Vulnerability, Outbursts and Coming Out are Key to Speaking Up From Your Heart

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Nisha Moodley

How to Share From Your Tender, Quivering, Undefended Heart

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Kc Baker

One Conversation That Really Can Change Your Life

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Jen Mavros

How to Love the ‘Bad’ Parts of You and See How Beautiful You Are!

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Cory Michelle

Change Your Money Story, Pay Off Debt and Create Financial Abundance

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Tanya Lynn

Beginning and Ending a Partnership with Heart

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Toni Bergins

Moving Your Body is Key to Healing Your Heart

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Elayne Kalila

Self-Love as a Key Pathway to Speaking Up From Your Heart

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Sara Avant Stover

Feminine Practices to Access Your Heart

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Barb Wade

Risking it All to Have it All

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Katherine McIntosh

Business Success Against All Odds

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Sherold Barr

Break Open to the Calling of Your Heart

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Ariel Spilsbury

How to use archetypal energy to support your courageous conversations

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Helen Hunter Mackenzie

Feel Your Way into Manifesting Money

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Rob Scott

Hijack Your Mind and Drop into Your Heart

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Kylie Slavik

Why Sharing Your Story is Key to Your Business Success

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Tulasi Adeva

Following Your Soul’s Path to Prosperity

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Vasavi Kumar

The Courage to Stand On Your Own

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Erin Stutland

Business Partnerships as a Pathway to the Heart

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