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I created this event because I want to support you in creating uncanny results in your business and life with less efforting and more ease and flow. The pathway to do that is accessing your intuition to create a congruent 2019 plan, one that comes from deep inside you, what you really want, and your body wisdom, and not just from pressure to achieve, expectations, and external ideas of success.

If you use the materials as I suggest, you will emerge with a plan you love and can’t wait to put into action. This doesn’t mean that you will know everything you are doing for the year. That’s too confining. Instead, what you will have is a clarity on what you are doing in the quarter ahead, and an idea of other key desires and targets for the rest of the year.

So, how are we going to do this?

By using these innovative tools:

The guidebook which is called the Intuitive Planning ToolKit, and

The inspirational audio interviews that provide stories, tools and practices to support you in creating your plan for true wealth & success.

Most of the audio interviews are 15-30 minutes long, and are meant to drop you into your inspiration, insight, and flow before you work with the Intuitive Planning ToolKit. Click here to access Part 1 of the Intuitive Business Planning ToolKit, which will support you in beautifully completing 2018 and moving into 2019. Audio interviews are available for purchase on this pageClick here to access Part 2 to of the Intuitive Business Planning Toolkit.

During Challenge Week  we wrote our Intuitive Business Plan for 2019. Click here to go to the Challenge page and complete the Challenge.

If you finish the 2019 Biz Planning Challenge, you will have  a 2019 Intuitive Business Plan you absolutely love … it will be a delightful combination of a Manifesto and a strategic plan – Planifesto, the spiritual and the practical, the intuitive and the mental. Planifesting brings together the most potent energies of planning, manifesting and action-taking by tapping into your life force energy and what it longs and desires to create through you. When you allow a plan like this to be created through you, all year long, it will feel like the actions are getting done through you and not by you.

The event is over  and access to most of the free audios came down If you wish to have lifetime access to the audios and get all the juicy bonuses, you can check out the Planifest 2019 Package by scrolling down, or clicking here. If you want to listen to a few selected audios that are still available, click here.

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