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 5 Practical Steps to Launching Your Dream Business

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Module 2: Create a Red Hot Business Model; Wild Abundance from Work You Love
Products, Services, and Structures that are natural, juicy, and uniquely yours!

Now that you’re revved up and radiating your highest levels of energy you’re ready to implement your juicy business plan. But, you aren’t quite sure what to sell and what size of business to create.

In this module, I map out for you the 14 types of services and products you can offer to bring in your ideal level of revenue. This is no shabby little list!

I’ll guide you through understanding each one — and identifying how they can assist you in generating the income you deserve. Plus, we’ll figure out which ones are the best for you and your vision.


  • Create magnetic, sizzling hot offers and translate them into tiered offerings (translation: make your ideal clients go totally ga ga over your stuff!)
  • The surprising secret to turning “competition” into collaboration

Wild Abundance

  • Create a business model that provides you with wild abundance in all areas AND feels doable
  • Design your exit from your day job plan so you can do the work you were born to do while still paying your bills and allowing for a smooth transition
  • Command your right price– affirm the truth of your value (even if it’s creative, spiritual, and heart-based)

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