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 5 Practical Steps to Launching Your Dream Business

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Module 3: Marketing and Sales You Love and Can’t Wait to Do! Yes Really!
Learn to magnetize your ideal clients and share your gifts with confidence!

In this module, I introduce you to graceful yet highly effective strategies for marketing and selling from the soul. I share how to create heartfelt marketing and how to engage in sacred sales conversations that close lucrative deals. And, best of all, I teach you how to do this while being yourself.


  • Use my fiery ‘n fabulous process for finding your “special sauce” that empowers you with clarity about who you’re here to serve and how
  • Learn joyful, authentic ways to share what you do (that’s marketing!) that feel so good, you can’t help but do them

Wild Abundance

  • Create a uniquely customized marketing + sales plan you full-on love and can’t wait to implement
  • Design a distinctive, hot talk that speaks to your dream clients & create an offer that entices them to work with you (no, you don’t need a list to do this)
  • Leverage the hottest internet marketing tools in simple, easy ways – social media, blogging, telesummits, and partnerships

Part 1: Dream Client and Niche

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Part 2: Authentic Marketing & Sales 101


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