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Module 6: Business Friendships

Design Savvy Strategic Alliances


wblu module 8 home picYou look around and you don’t like some of the things you see about the way people partner. Or, you wonder why anyone would want to partner with you … you’re just starting out, after all. In this module, you will learn how to find potential partners you love and who love you and how to deepen the relationship.

  • Where to find potential partners you love and who love you and how to deepen the relationship.
  • How to create authentic relationships with Strategic partners who deeply know you and your work and are up underneath you, supporting you and your dreams.
  • Learn authentic, yummy, networking techniques that will help you to build your list because you’ll magnetize people that want to support you and send clients to you.
  • Develop lucrative, long-term relationships with potential partners (and clients) by sharing your authentic self in your marketing.

Archetypal Theme: Tune into the Primal Goddess and find your inner Wild Woman so you can bring her vitality into your relationships. Theme: Experiencing new freedom, creativity and passion, and through that, co-creation of reality Color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Gold and Copper. Mantra: “I fuel. I consume.” Goddess Archetypes: Shakti, Pele, Lillith


 Savvy Strategic Alliances


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