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Module 5: Website & Copy

Develop an Effective, Magnetic Web Site AND Copywriting Secrets


wblu module 5 home picThere are so many choices to make when designing a web site.

How do you know what to choose?

In this Module, I show you exactly what you need to put on your web site so that your divine right clients want to work with you.

  • Design an irresistible web site that creates a stream of dream clients.
  • Establish a brand that is infused with the juiciness of your radiant essence and unique brilliance, a brand that attracts an amazing audience full of people you love to serve … and, that your perfect partners will be drawn to.
  • Creating a sexy, snazzy free gift that your potential clients can’t wait to download and use (this lets them know immediately how you can help them).
  • Learn the secret formula to setting up a web site that stands out from the crowd (and, it doesn’t involve spending lots of money).
  • How to generate hot sales leads and conversations from your web site.
  • Creating hot copy that is riveting to your Divine Right Client.

Archetypal Theme: Leverage Creatrix energy in crafting an outstanding, effective web site. Theme: Ability to hold an intention and the skill to manifest the intention. Color: Emerald Gold and Green. Mantra: “I intend. I empower.” Goddess Archetypes: Artemis, Diana, Flora, Rhiannon, Bast, Lady of the Beasts, Epona, Kore, Priestess of Eleusis


Module 5 Website & Copy


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Creatrix Meditation 

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