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Module 3:  Authentic Sales!

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Selling is so tough for most of you amazing, authentic ladies and you avoid it.

Perspective Shift: Selling can be fun and spicy … I promise. Done right, you are deeply listening and empathizing with your divine right client.

You are listening to her deepest desires and biggest challenges and providing her with a way to transform her pain through investing in your work. How does it get any better than that?

Inside this module you will:

  • Learn how to have sacred sales conversations – sell in a way that feels good and not icky … sales that feels like heartfelt sharing and that you can’t wait to get out there and do! Sales that feels authentic, aligned and alive.
  • Gracefully move from delicious conversation to making your offer.
  • Stand in your true worth and power as you confidently share your offer and price.
  • Master the art of facilitating quick decisions.

Archetypal Theme: Stand in the energy of The Priestess Archetype as you listen your prospect into being. Theme: stillness, silence and centered presence, meditation, presencing beauty, reflection, knowledge of symbols and color, poetry. Only from the place of inner stillness can divine knowing actually flow. Color: Sapphire Blue. Mantra: “I amplify in stillness” Goddess Archetypes: Lady of the Lake Adelaine, Vesta, Hestia, Morgaine, Eleusian Priestess, Sibyl, Islandia


Module 3 Authentic Sales

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Mystic Meditation 

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