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Telesummit Training Live Retreat

Module 7: Build a List of Your Divine Right Clients Through a Telesummit


wblu module 7 home picI’ve watched people try a lot of different methods, and the quickest list building method out there is still the telesummit.

I’ve done several of them myself and have attracted thousands of dream clients. I can’t wait to show you how to launch your own effective, unique telesummit.

In this Module, you will learn to:

  • Identify the right telesummit theme that will help you magnetize 100’s and even 1000’s of your divine right clients.
  • How to attract amazing speakers when you have little or no mailing list.
  • The simplest, easiest, most stress-free telesummit model and other more complex versions, if you want to get fancy.
  • Magnetize many ideal clients, so that you can choose to work ONLY with the clients who you feel deep resonance with, the ones you get excited to talk to and you know you can help! (Doesn’t that sound fulfilling?) You will finally be serving the clients you dream about helping, the clients you started this business to help, the ones that need you most and happily pay your fees because they can’t believe you actually exist. (Really, this has happened to me and it will happen to you, if you take inspired action.)

Archetypal Theme: Tune into the energy of the Goddess of Compassion ~ Theme: Unconditional love and mercy. Color: Violet. Mantra: “I recognize. I seed.” Goddess Archetypes: Kwan Yin, Green Tara, Mary


Telesummit Virtual Retreat Part 1

Telesummit Virtual Retreat Part 2

Telesummit Virtual Retreat Part 3

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