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Module 4: How to Have a Fun, Energizing Sales Conversation—One That Easily Enrolls Clients in a Way that Serves What They Need and Want Most

Here’s what you’ll learn in module four.

Part 1

  • The exact script I used to enroll 10 dream clients in a five-figure month AND fill the vacancies in my business. (This script is like gold dust and very few people share this so transparently — just this one piece alone is worth the whole price of the course.)
  • How to create comfort right from the very beginning of the conversation in a way will enable both of you to relax and have fun together during the call — I’ll give you a script with exactly what to say.

Part 2

  • How to tune into the Muse energy to bring fun and play into your sales conversations!
  • Essential and easy consciousness shifts that will totally change the way you see sales conversations … (you may even move from being afraid of them to thoroughly enjoying them.)
  • How to create comfort and connection before the sales conversation begins.
  • Exactly what to do to make sure you’re having the sales conversation with the right people so that you don’t waste your time on endless free conversations that result in no sales.
  • Simple changes you can make to the way you’re currently marketing that will exponentially improve your ability to attract the right clients into your enrollment conversation (this one change helped me successfully double my rates.)

Bonuses in this module

  • A meditative and informative audio that helps you tune into the Muse energy to help you have fun in sales conversations.
  • The exact template I used when I filled all the vacancies in my business within the first month of opening my coaching and consulting practice.
  • An inspiring template for fabulous, fun and totally effective enrollment conversations, which includes all the important questions you MUST be sure to ask.
  • A list of additional questions you CAN ask to make your session even more powerful and how and when to use these questions.
  • A list of what to do BEFORE your session to make sure you’re only talking to people who are serious about your services.
  • An e-mail template of what to say to the client before the session that warms them up to work with you.

Course Materials

Listen to the Muse Meditation first. Then, download the playbook and have it open as you listen to the teaching audio.




Section One: Free Consultation Script


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Section Two: Fun, Energizing Sales Conversation


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