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Module 3: Translate What You Do into an Irresistible Offer Your Clients Can’t Wait to Buy

We’re in the messy middle now but you’re going to create something beautiful in this module.

  • How to tune into the Creatrix energy, the sacred marriage of the divine feminine and the divine masculine and use that in creating your compelling offer!
  • How to take any method, no matter how spiritual or deep or energetically-based, and turn that into a step-by-step system that creates results your clients want and will pay for.
  • My step-by- step system to creating packages that are so appealing they’ll almost sell themselves. When you see the package you’ve created, you’ll never doubt the value of your service again.
  • How to inject your own special sauce into the package — no cookie cutter here! (This is also what will differentiate you from your “competition” — I don’t really believe in competition in the new paradigm but, in case you still do, this is what will make the difference for you.)
  • How to price your program in a way that feels fabulous and aligned and doesn’t undervalue you and what you do.

Bonuses in this module:

  • A meditative and informative audio that helps you tune into the Creatrix energy to help you take your unique gifts and translate them into an irresistible offer.
  • The exact irresistible program I shared in my first-ever offer so that you can create your own version.
  • Fabulous bonuses that your clients can’t WAIT to receive and which cost you very little in terms of time and effort.

Course Materials

Listen to the Creatrix Meditation first. Then, download the workbook and have it open as you listen to the teaching audio.



Translate What You Do Into An Irresistible Offer

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