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Module 1: Tune Into Your Purpose, Mission, Vision and Big Why; it Makes You Magnetic to your Dream Clients

Here’s what you’ll learn in module one.

  • How to tune into the Great Mother energy so she can support you as you create a vibrant, strong foundation for your conscious business.
  • The most important question you must ask to tune into your purpose.
  • A powerful method to stay connected to your big “Why?” — even when you’re outside of your comfort zone and dealing with fear or doubt.
  • A simple formula to declare your mission.
  • A process to create a compelling vision that pulls you forward.
  • How to get over the “I’m a Fraud” Syndrome and stand confident in knowing how much you’re worth on an authentic level.

Module One Bonuses

  • A meditative and informative audio that helps you tune into the Great Mother energy as you create your purpose, vision, mission and big why
  • A practice to get you out of fear and doubt and back into your authentic power — confidence is magnetic.

Module One Materials

Listen to the Great Mother Meditation first. Then, download the workbook and have it open as you listen to the teaching audio.

Great Mother Meditation

Magnetic Mission & Purpose

Click on the image to download the PDF

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