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Module 2: Figure out Who Your Dream Clients Are and Make Yourself Irresistible to Them By Being Yourself

Here’s what you’ll learn in this module.

  • How to Tune in to the Goddess of Compassion and the frequency of unconditional love towards yourself and your dream clients so you can access your true self – this is the part of you that is irresistible to those you are meant to serve
  • The #1 secret to being utterly magnetic and irresistible to your dream clients.
  • 3 tips to help you effectively claim who you want to serve once and for all—and decide what you’ll do to help them.
  • The biggest mistake that most heart-based entrepreneurs are making and how to avoid it (this will practically guarantee you clients this month.)
  • How to define what your clients REALLY want from you (you may be focused on what you think they want and you could be losing thousands of dollars in your business because of one wrong perspective.)

Bonuses you’ll receive with Module 2:

  • A meditative and informative audio that helps you tune into the Goddess of Compassion energy as you create your purpose, vision, mission and big why delivered by a surprise guest.
  • A comprehensive list of real problems that high-paying clients have and are longing for you to solve.
  • How to share what you do in a way that magnetizes your dream clients (“Bye bye” elevator pitch, “Hello” authentic connection.)
  • How to figure out your Magic Number (your audacious money goal for the month), define it and take the bold steps that will get you there.

Module Two Materials

Listen to the Compassion Meditation first. Then, download the workbook and have it open as you listen to the teaching audio.


Figure out who your dream clients are and make yourself irresistible to them.

Click on the image to download the PDF

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