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Setting Stimulating Targets That Inspire You to Reach Them

—  Day Fifteen 

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—   Day Sixteen 

How to get clarity on targets – an example in the area of prosperity.

I had a target for a while to hit multiple 6-figures in my business in a given year. I have easily hit 6-figures before, but never get above $150K.

BUT, the target didn’t do it for me. It didn’t light me up.

So, I asked my body what number would light her up. She was clear and answered right away … $555K without a time frame on it. Just getting from where I am now to $555K.

Ding, ding, ding!!!!

All of me lit up.

Now, this makes no sense in terms of normal goal-setting methodology. You are supposed to set a number that you can reasonably reach and to put a time frame on it. But, that doesn’t excite me!

It may excite someone else, and that’s awesome.

But, for me, it’s $555K that does it. And, I know that between now and 2020, I’ll get there and likely higher. That’s not the point though.

The point is that the target that lit me up isn’t the one that made sense to my mind.

Don’t create the targets from your mind!

Get in your body in whatever way you like to do, and then set the target from there.

Even just putting on a fun song and dancing for a few minutes changes everything!

Comment on the Facebook post below and let me know how it lands. Are you having any difficulties setting your targets?

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—   Day Seventeen 

How to get clarity on targets – an example in the area of pleasure/health.

Women sometimes are cruel to themselves and others about weight and appearance. This energy shows up in the way we set goals for our weight, exercise and eating.

Anytime I have set a goal to lose weight (this has happened too many times to count in my life), it feels heavy and I don’t want to do it. Even when I have achieved the goal, I never feel like it’s enough … there’s an emptiness along with the happiness.

That’s because when I think about my body this way, I’m treating my body like an object that needs to comply with some externally imposed standard that she can never meet and doesn’t want to meet.

Here’s what my targets looks like now in the area of body:

• My body is purring and happy, vibrant, sexy, strong and supple.
• I help my body to access her own healing wisdom by regularly nourishing her with healthy, delicious, colorful food, energizing movement, self-pleasure, and other life force/prana enhancing activity.
• I listen to my body and I follow her wisdom and awareness.
• All this is true at least 80% of the time.

I find this so much more inspiring than goals related to losing a certain amount of weight, following a particular diet or doing a certain amount of exercise.

And, that’s not to say that the targets I mentioned above don’t result in me following eating and movement practices that nourish me. We will get to that in upcoming weeks.

I have Daily Nirvana Practices (what I used to call Radiance Practices) that are congruent with my targets and that I enjoy doing … in fact, I love them so much that they occur with ease. And, I meet my targets more and more easily.

As you read all this, let me know in the comments if it resonates. Also, what does in inspire you to create in the area of Pleasure and Health?

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—   Day Eighteen 

Setting an inspiring target in the area of purpose that moves you towards your epic dreams

Are you thinking big enough in the area of purpose? Probably not.

You likely don’t realize how powerful and amazing you are and the extent of the impact you can have. I get it. I’ve been there. I hear you and feel you.

You are so much more powerful than you realize.

Take a look at what impact you’d like to make in the world through your purpose, your dharma.

Feel into it. Let it light you up. Expand the possibilities. Go further. And, further.

If there were no limits and you had the support of the universe behind you, what could you create in this area? What is needed by the world from you in this area?

Here’s an inspiring target I set for myself recently. Empower 10K people to create epic dreams from True Self (Atman).

As you do this exercise of stretching yourself, I’d love to hear what comes through for you in this area.

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—   Day Nineteen 

Have fun!

The most important thing in creating your targets is to have fun with them as you create them.

Designing them and reading them should feel joyful and light. If it doesn’t, if it feels heavy, or burdensome, or if your critic comes out when you work on them, or look at what you’ve written, then wait to create them until you are in an embodied and happy state.

Make a list of the kinds of things that make you feel embodied and joyful.

Do at least one of those things.

Now, take another look at your targets and see what emerges.

Your targets are meant to be stimulating and juicy. They are meant to light you up!

Comment below about how your process is going. How are you doing with creating juicy targets? Do need any help?

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—   Day Twenty 

Pleasure Targets. Yum!!!

One of the areas I asked you to create targets for is Pleasure/Health. I wrote about Health already. Today, the focus is on pleasure.

‘We don’t give pleasure enough attention. Work, work, work and more work is what too many of us run on.

We require pleasure. Think of it like a key food group without which your health suffers.

What is pleasure? Here are some of the definitions from the Webster’s 1828 dictionary. The gratification of the senses or of the mind; agreeable sensations or emotions; the excitement, relish or happiness produced by enjoyment or the expectation of good. Sensual or sexual gratification.

Make a list of the kinds of things that give you pleasure.

What can you do to add some pleasure to your day today? Do you want to have a target specifically in the area of pleasure. I had this on my targets for a while until it became natural to me, until I learned to find immense pleasure in most of my experiences of being alive.

As you create your targets, don’t forget sexual pleasure and self pleasure.

Are you having a hard time with this? Or, is it easy for you? I had a really hard time with pleasure and pleasurable targets several years ago. I felt so numb, lost and depressed. If that’s where you’re at, that’s okay.

I went from those dark feelings to feeling joyfully alive. If I can do it, you can to. It all begins with setting a target. When I began my pleasure journey, I simply had a target to add a little extra pleasure everyday.

I progressed quickly from dipping my toes in the titillating waters of pleasure to taking a deep dive into a Tantra and sexuality training inside which I obviously focused intensely on my relationship to my own sexuality, something I had always wanted to do and had previously felt too uncomfortable to focus on. That training lit me up and changed my life beyond what I imagined possible. That’s a story for another day.

Share in the comments below about any thoughts, questions or targets this post inspired.

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—   Day Twenty-One 

Targets related to Light Energies

I created Targets related to my Light And Shadow Energies, and I thought it might be useful for some of you to see, in case you want to do the same.

Here’s how I did mine?

My Energy:
I express my Shakti/potency unapologetically.
I follow my awareness and take actions in accordance with my Light Energy Priorities 90% of the time.
I notice my Shadow and get out of it quickly and back into my light 90% of the time.

Share in the comments below about any thoughts, questions or targets this post inspired.

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