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Week TWO

Your Shadow

—  Day Eight 

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—   Day Nine 

The Critic, Perfectionist, Doubter:

The voice of the critic is a very common way in which the shadow shows up, especially for high achievers.

You likely have some perfectionism running through you.

Is that voice showing up in relation to this 40 day practice? Does it have something to say about how well you are doing at it, or not?

Did you have good intentions when you started and then things got busy and you now you feel so behind that you don’t even want to start?

Or, it this voice showing up some other way for you today?

Wherever you are with this voice, just notice it. If you’re in a good place with it, note that and celebrate that! If it’s loud and tormenting you, note that.

Once you’re in the observer place, it gives you an option, a new choice. Do you want to let the critic speak speaking, or to choose something different?

Yes, it can be that simple. Instead of letting the critic beat you up, look at your Light energies from week 1 and ask yourself what choice you can make that is congruent with your Light energies?

If you haven’t done Week 1 yet, it might be a good choice to make to listen to the Week 1 audio and engage the Week 1 content. I can almost guarantee you that you will feel better afterwards!

What choice can you make that is congruent with your Daily Nirvana?

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—   Day Ten 

Out Your Shadow Game: Ask Questions (posting this one day early because I’m in teacher training this weekend).

Are you playing the out your shadow game? If you haven’t looked at the Week 2 materials yet, here’s all you need to do.

Listen to that voice in your head. Yes, that one. The one that is talking to you all the time even and evaluating this as you read it.

Most of the things that voice is saying to you are from your shadow, from your past, the voices of your parents or of society telling you what to be, what to do, what to choose in your life.

What would it be like to choose for you? Today’s version of the out the shadow game is to ask questions of that voice. Some of these questions are my own and some are adapted from Access Consciousness.

When you are trying to make a choice, ask yourself, does that choice feel light or heavy, or perhaps dark?

If the choice feels heavy or dark, then ask any one or all of the following questions:

Who does that belong to?

Whose lies? What lies? How many lies?

What else is possible?

How does it get any better than this?

What is this? Can I change it? If I can change it, then how do I want to change it? Take that action.

Questions open up possibilities. They can take us out of the shadows and into the light.

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—   Day Eleven 

The Looking Good Mask, and Other Masks We Wear:

Do you have a mask that you put on with some people that has to do with you looking good? If your answer is no, look again.

Most people have this mask, unless they are already quite evolved, or born being more connected to their light than others … it’s possible that this is you … and, just in case, keep reading.

Most of us do try and look good, or have the urge to do so.

Maybe you put it on this mask when you are feeling competitive with someone?

I know I feel it coming on when I am sometimes going through my social media feed. In those moments, I use it as a barometer to see how connected I am to myself and my own light on that particular day.

Or, do you try and look good around other women? Your sister-in-law? Mom? Mother-in-law? Friends?

Or, at work? With your boss? Co-workers?

Maybe you have a particular way of acting or looking good in front of men?

Perhaps this is a voice in your head that is always monitoring everything external that you do?

What other masks do you wear? What are your main masks?

Would love you to comment on the post below and share your thoughts!

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—   Day Twelve 

Outing the Victim Shadow:

The victim makes you the wounded one in the story, your inner story to yourself of poor me and your inner story to the world about how you need them to see someone or something else as the perpetrator and you as the victim.

If you have been the victim in some situations, it’s likely you have been the perpetrator in others. And, vice versa. If you have been the perpetrator in some situations, you have likely been the victim in others.

This thought is a hard one to digest at first. When you can start to see yourself in the other, when you can start to see that you have played both roles, at least to some degree, then you can begin to love the other as yourself, at least to some degree.

The other key thought to share is that if you observe the victim voice in your head, know that in that moment you are disempowering yourself. So, if you observe the voice, see if you can switch it to something else or interrupt the dialogue in some meaningful way.

Now, I don’t mean to blindly try and erase the thought with an affirmation. I mean to actually start having the dialogue with the victim part of you to help to heal it, to help to move it out of the disempowered place in a way that feels authentic.

Would love you to comment on the post below and share your thoughts!

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—   Day Thirteen 

Outing the Parent Shadow:

We don’t really realize the extent to which the parent shadow controls and dominates our reality. Unbeknownst to us, we are reacting to the world from our parental imprints, wounds, and conditioning.

It may seem shocking to acknowledge that the parent shadow is impacting our lives in ways far beyond what we ever imagined.

Sit with this idea for a while …

How much of your own idea about yourself is from your true self, from your soul? And, how much of it comes from what mommy and daddy told you to be or not be. Or, if you lost a parent or both parents early, how did your lack of parents and your main caregivers influence your views on the world and how you see reality.

What did you decide about yourself?

What did you decide about the world?

How is that all impacting you today?

Every time you get triggered or experience some negative disturbance in your nervous system, see if you can tune into a memory of having that feeling when you were young and see what it reveals.

Be with these ideas all day, and look at everything you say and do through this lens. I can’t wait to hear about what you observe!

Observe yourself and then comment below!

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—   Day Fourteen 

Loving the Shadow Parts and Giving Them a New Job!:
I was in the mood to talk through these key themes as we finish up our week on the shadow. For those of you not wanting to be on Facebook, here’s a brief summary:
1) You’re brave for doing the shadow work. Yay you!
2) Instead of rejecting the shadow parts you have uncovered, love them up. They served a purpose for you. Thank them for their service.
3) Give the shadow parts a new job. For instance, I have a shadow part that likes to achieve and get things done. If I take that part out of service to the shadow and put it in service to my light, my true self, it can be very helpful. I shared a story of how this showed up for me recently.
We downloaded the video for you from Facebook, and I encourage you to watch for the full details. It was a good one.
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