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Week ONE

Your Light

Calling in Desirable Energies Congruent with Your True Self, Your Life Force Energy and Your Calling

—  Day One

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—   Day Two 

Morning practice amplifies your True Self.

Life becomes more simple and clarity emerges if you take the time to connect with your True Self before you begin your day.

If you don’t have a morning practice yet, then take a look at this page;

There’s a PDF with some ideas of things you can do in the morning and there’s two guided meditations if you want to try meditating.

If you already have a morning practice, add something to it that you’ve been meaning to add. Even it if’s just a minute of something new. Here are some things you might add:

– Tapping
– Breathwork
– Journaling
– Oracle card reading
– Burning Sage
– Repeating a mantra
– Meditation
– Yoga or some other kind of movement
– Connecting with your guides
– Reviewing Your True Self Energies
– Reviewing Your Epic Dream, Targets, Intentions, or anything else you might have written that you want to read daily

If you have never done a morning practice, and you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea, then at least take this opportunity to begin to think about it. It’s a start.

Even starting to think about it is a step. Then, tomorrow take an action that is less than a minute and build from there.

And, maybe, when you awaken and are still lying in bed, just ask yourself how you’re feeling and what you need to receive today. That takes less than a minute.

The point is to get started in some way, even if you’re just thinking about it.

Later on, during this 40 day period, we will tie your daily practices more deeply to what we are uncovering inside this program.

For now, just get started. And, share on this thread below what you are going to do for your morning practice.

I’m currently doing a full Kundalini Kriya that takes 75-90 minutes and I do it between the hours of 4 a.m. and 7 a.m. daily. It took me years to build up to this level of Blissipline. Start where you are!

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Your Checklist

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—   Day Three 

Are you pushing down important parts of you, your light?

As we go through life, we all get feedback on what’s acceptable about who we are and what is unacceptable.

Is there a part of you that you used to enjoy expressing, that perhaps you have stopped expressing?

If you got back in touch with that part of you, would it be a contribution to you?

Explore this part of you today. Maybe it will even become one of the energies that you choose as part of your true self that you wish to experience more regularly.

Soon, I will share a personal story about this. For today, I just want you to sit with this inquiry on your own.

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Your Checklist

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—   Day Four 

Do something that lights up your body!!!!!

Being embodied, taking the light of your true self and bringing it into your body, allowing it to play and enjoy this planet, is delicious for all beings.

Yet, human beings, we don’t spend enough time in our bodies. We spend way too much time in our heads! And, the voices in our heads are rarely the voices of our true selves and are mostly the voices of our shadow egos.

What brings joy to your body?
– Dancing
– Relishing some dark chocolate or something else yummy and taking the time to fully enjoy the flavor
– Hugging
– Running
– Yoga
– Swimming in the ocean or the pool
– Breathwork
– Belly dancing
– Jacuzzi
– Massage
– Energy work
– Walking (I do this while doing mudras and mantras)

Something else?

Do something today that lights your body up. Then, take some time to reflect further on Week 1, Your Light. Reflecting after juicing up your body can often add delicious dimensions and insights which can support you in narrowing down the words that most appeal to you as the energies you naturally embody and also desire to embody.

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—   Day Five

Talk to people who know you well about what they see.

Ask people who know you well to reflect back to you what they see in you as your light, your essence. Parents, siblings, childhood friends, partner, children, current friends, co-workers, etc.

Do this with 3-5 people. It can be super fun and interesting to hear what they think.

This is one of my favorite exercises that we go more deeply into in the year-long program; I’ve shared it briefly here.

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Your Checklist

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—   Day Six

How to fit in a Daily Nirvana Morning Practice, even when you’re busy & why it’s so important!

When you awaken, before turning on devices and connecting to the world, spend some time connecting to yourself, your True Self, first. If you don’t do this, then you will spend your day less clear, confident and connected to yourself and others.

On busy days, is there a shorter version of morning practice that you could incorporate daily, no matter what? There are some ideas in the Epic Dream Accelerator pdf which you can access here.

That way, when you don’t have much time, you can still take one minute to do something. I did this for a long time because I had a hard time making time on a daily basis. Doing something shorter on busy days helped me a lot.

As I got more used to doing a morning practice, no matter what, I started to find it so delicious that I had to make more time for it. So, it went from being discipline to being disciplined.

There’s this one guided meditation that I LOVE doing because all I need to do is sit or lie down comfortably, put on my noise canceling headphones and go off into bliss for half an hour. It’s the dessert of my morning practice now … but, earlier on, it was the main meal. And, it readied me for stronger practices.

Doing a morning practice EVERY SINGLE DAY, even if it’s a shorter one, is a great foundation for your day and for your life. Give yourself and those you love the gift of you. You will be more present and available to yourself and others.

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Your Checklist

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—   Day Seven

Sharing my process with you about my light qualities.

Today is a day for you to narrow down your light qualities if you haven’t already.

The categories I gave you in the Playbook are True Self, Life Purpose, Prosperity and Pleasure. You’ll see below that I put prosperity and pleasure into the area of my body because it is through my body and for my body that I experience prosperity and pleasure.

I also have used Hindi words in addition to the English words because the Hindi words say with one word what requires many words in English.

Get creative with this process, and do it in a way that resonates deeply with you. I will caution you to narrow it down as much as you can so you can remember these energies.

My True Self/Soul/Atman/Infinite Being:
• Jungli – Out of Control, Wild
• Jadoo – Irresistible Enchantress
• Khillo Rani – Queen of Light and Lighting people up; innocence, giggling

Bpdy/Prana/Life Force Energy (Prosperity and Pleasure are in here for me)
• Sundar – Sexy, supple, strong body
• Amir – Am Ex Black Luxury;
• Pyar – Love, warmth, affection, pleasure and ecstasy

• Nirvana – Infinite Flow
• Guna – Michelin Star Excellence
• Pyar – Authentic Connection

One of my light qualities above, the one of Jungli – Out of Control, Wild, is a hard one for me to own. I have always been too much and told to contain myself. And, it is true that I have big energy and it’s important for me to be aware of my impact on others.

At the same time, this is a part of me that longs to be expressed and, in order to be fully embodied, I need to let this part of me out, to express it. There are healthy ways to be wild and out of control and it’s become a fun game for me to learn how to embody it!

If I were to narrow these down for myself, as much as possible, this is what I’d choose:

Hindi: Jungli Jadoo Sundar Khillo Rani, Amir, Pyar, Guna,

English: Wild, irresistible, sexy enchantress, Queen of Light, Am Ex Black, Authentic Connection, Michelin Star Excellence

These are narrowed down enough that I don’t have to refer to a piece of paper as I go through my day. These energies are simply a part of me and what I wish to experience.

What are yours? What have you narrowed it down to?

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Your Checklist

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