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Week TWO

Your Shadow

Shifting Away From Shadow Energies From Your Conditioning and Your Karma

—  Day One

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—   Day Two 

Morning practice amplifies your True Self.

Life becomes more simple and clarity emerges if you take the time to connect with your True Self before you begin your day.

If you don’t have a morning practice yet, then take a look at this page;

There’s a PDF with some ideas of things you can do in the morning and there’s two guided meditations if you want to try meditating.

If you already have a morning practice, add something to it that you’ve been meaning to add. Even it if’s just a minute of something new. Here are some things you might add:

– Tapping
– Breathwork
– Journaling
– Oracle card reading
– Burning Sage
– Repeating a mantra
– Meditation
– Yoga or some other kind of movement
– Connecting with your guides
– Reviewing Your True Self Energies
– Reviewing Your Epic Dream, Targets, Intentions, or anything else you might have written that you want to read daily

If you have never done a morning practice, and you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea, then at least take this opportunity to begin to think about it. It’s a start.

Even starting to think about it is a step. Then, tomorrow take an action that is less than a minute and build from there.

And, maybe, when you awaken and are still lying in bed, just ask yourself how you’re feeling and what you need to receive today. That takes less than a minute.

The point is to get started in some way, even if you’re just thinking about it.

Later on, during this 40 day period, we will tie your daily practices more deeply to what we are uncovering inside this program.

For now, just get started. And, share on this thread below what you are going to do for your morning practice.

I’m currently doing a full Kundalini Kriya that takes 75-90 minutes and I do it between the hours of 4 a.m. and 7 a.m. daily. It took me years to build up to this level of Blissipline. Start where you are!

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Your Checklist

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