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Unmask Yourself

We all wear so many masks. We developed them to get through life, to appease the people around us, to make things more comfortable and less vulnerable for ourselves. And, for many years, these masks served a great function in protecting our tender, soft hearts and emotions. But, for the True Self to truly emerge, for you to shine your light bright, you MUST unmask yourself.

In the first week, you identified your LIGHT Priorities. This week, the focus is on you identifying what mask is the strongest one that gets in the way of you shining your light. Name it, out it and share it in the Facebook group.

A common mask we wear has to do with Looking Good Mask. Do you have a mask that you put on with some people that has to do with you looking good in front of them? If your answer is no, look again.

Most people have this mask, unless they are already quite evolved, or born being more connected to their light than others … it’s possible that this is you … and, just in case, keep reading.

Most of us do try and look good, or have the urge to do so.

Maybe you put it on this mask when you are feeling competitive with someone?

I know I feel it coming on when I am sometimes going through my social media feed. In those moments, I use it as a barometer to see how connected I am to myself and my own light on that particular day.

Or, do you try and look good around other women? Your sister-in-law? Mom? Mother-in-law? Friends?

Or, at work? With your boss? Co-workers?

Maybe you have a particular way of acting or looking good in front of men?

Perhaps this is a voice in your head that is always monitoring everything external that you do?

What other masks do you wear? What are your main masks?  What is the biggest mask that gets in the way of you shining your light?  

Focus this week on playing with this mask. If you want to be really bold, take the mask off and interact without it. If you want to just dip your toes in the water with this exercise, simply notice and observe when this mask appears. Observe it with neutral mind. You may find that just the simple noticing of it may dissolve.

Go to the Facebook Group and share what mask you are working with this week.

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