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Go Beyound Doubt

Doubt is another name for resistance and inner conflict.

Do you have any resistance coming up in this 40 day practice? Are you feeling “behind”, and perhaps judging yourself? Are you creating practices, but then not doing them, or only half-heartedly doing them? Are you doing the practices, but not staying in your Light enough of the time and then judging yourself and creating a downward spiral?

Or, are you feeling torn in some way about something in your life, a decision you are trying to make but aren’t making about something important in your life?

Here are some of the doubts that have been shared in the group:

  • Wondering whether it is safe to shine your inner light
  • Not wanting to be seen 
  • Questioning whether you can create a foundation that’s solid enough to allow you to fully shine your light
  • Fear that the current foundation isn’t solid enough to support growth, wellness and joy which may lead everything to tumble down
  • Distrust of yourself and your own feelings which is essentially self-doubt and self-trust

ALL of these tie into a feeling of a lack of safety, a false belief of “I am not safe” which then turns into a Shadow Energy that is constantly running. It’s a root Chakra issue and those of you who are in Daily Nirvana Temple Year will want to dive deep into the first Shakthi Power of Safety & Grounding which I released last week.

We waste a lot of time in this kind of resistance and inner conflict! It leads to procrastination, feeling frozen, and hiding and inhibits expression in every area of life. And, it’s all very low vibration. Since everything is energy, what it attracts back is low vibration as well, thus reinforcing some of the doubt creating resistance and making it a thing to get over.


If you are in any of these time and sucking patterns, you are in a shadow priority. You are NOT in a Light Energy like those you defined in Week 1.

Go back to the Light Energies you chose in Week 1. If you find yourself in doubt, resistance and/or inner conflict, refer to these Light Energies and switch out of your Shadow Priorities back to prioritizing your Light.

Develop a neutral observer on yourself. If you already have one, invoke it. Give this observer the job of noticing when you are in doubt, resistance or inner conflict.

As soon as you notice these Shadow Energies, consciously shift to your Light Energies. Make your Light Energies your priority rather than prioritizing your shadow. Every time you succumb to your doubt, you are succumbing to your Shadow.

To make this easier for you, keep Your Light Energies with you at all times and keep pulling them out when you notice you aren’t being them.

The best way to stay in touch with your Light Energy more consistently throughout your day is to do your Daily Nirvana morning practice! Consider adding some practices which clear fear and/or increase safety.

When your actions are congruent with your inner truth, the energies that you truly are, resistance and inner conflict disappears and you actualize what you want with easy and joy!

If you are finding yourself succumbing to doubt, resistance and inner conflict more often than you’d like you may also want to amp up your morning practice in some way so that your connection with your Light remains stronger throughout your day.

A great way to identify a shadow priority (which is always a false priority) is to take one of the areas of your life and do the following exercise:

What I say I desire is __________
What’s showing up instead is ________
And, then define the energy of what is actually showing up … that’s your Shadow Priority and it’s false!

Is that what you really want to be focused on? Your false priority? Making your shadow priority the main priority? No way!

Do this in every area that resistance and inner conflict is showing up, and you will have identified HUGE shadow parts that are actually running so much of your life.

Summarize the false Shadow Priorities that you found. Are you noticing any patterns? What are they?

Do you really want to give these shadow parts that much power? Or, would you rather reclaim that power and give it to your True Self Priorities, to your Light?

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