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As we close the Daily Nirvana Temple Foundation – Light 40 Day Practice, do a check-in with yourself.

How did you do with your 40-day practice? Did you do it daily. If not, why not? No judgment here. Just observation and learning.

What went great? What would you like to shift and improve? Did your 40 day practice create the kind of shift you were looking for?

I’m asking all of these questions because I know that your Daily Nirvana Practices, especially your morning practice, are THE KEY, THE MAGIC PILL, to confidently shining your light so you can magnetize all that you are meant to attract in this lifetime!

It’s all you need to move beyond doubt and inner conflict to confidently shine your light.

If you can’t see that and tune into it, if there’s a lot of noise coming up around it, if that doesn’t seem possible or likely or if you have having objections to it, it’s likely that you need to amplify or change your morning practice in some way.

For many years, due to health reasons, I required a very gentle morning practice to restore my body and my mind. It was fabulous for a while and just what I needed.

Then, there came a time when this practice wasn’t enough, when I needed to add a more intensive element to it.

Where are you at with your morning practice? Do you want to modify it in some way? Post below and I’ll celebrate with you if you are loving your morning practice and I’ll help you with modifications, if you are in need of a modification.

What I have noticed is that when my morning practice is congruent with what I really need, when it has the right combination of movement, reflection, meditation and challenge, I experience the following benefits during my day:

1. Ease with finding my way back to neutral mind, even if I’m triggered in a big way
2. Flow and ease in my day of a kind I’ve never experienced before
3. Ability to get things done quickly and efficiently
4. Clarity on what to choose at each decision point of the day as contrasted with procrastination or being stuck not knowing what to choose
5. Less and less fear and more and more faith and trust
6. More self-love, self-acceptance and self-compassion which leads to clarity on my true self and acting mainly from there
7. More independent action instead of taking actions that are based on other people’s expectations of me
8. Generating money with more ease and flow
9. Making better choices in all domains
10. Deep devotion, connection and reverence for myself, others, this planet and the field of life that created everything


If your practice isn’t leading to the kinds of things I described above, then definitely click the button below and post in the Facebook group. I’d love to support you in creating a morning practice that is most conducive to you Confidently Shining Your Light. This world needs you and your light!

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