The HeART of Getting What You Want

A course in SPEAKING UP for  women who want more … in life, love, and business


WEEK 1 Transformation Focus: Your Dreams, Desires, and Needs

We will dive deep with the Transformation Star (pictured above) to tune into where your life is out alignment with your dreams, desires, and needs so we can get clear on areas of focus for the rest of the program.

  • How to distinguish between “healthy” and “unhealthy” desires and how to discern which one you having.
  • Learn to be truthful about what your heart and soul desires by accessing your Oracle of Inner Wisdom.
  • Why you following your soul’s desires is essential to healing the world.
  • The best practice for honoring your desires in your daily life.
  • Learn to use the Daily Nirvana Desire Toolkit so you can feel more fulfilled every day.

WEEK 2 Transformation Focus: Obstacles to the Fulfilment of Your Desires

We will take a deep dive into the patterns that get in the way of you manifesting your desires, dreams, and inner peace.

  • The trinity of conflicts that interfere with desire fulfillment.
  • The 9 Main Areas of Conflict that disturb inner peace and prevent you from manifesting your potential.
  • Work through your conflicts so you are free to do your Great Work and live your Great Life.  
  • Feel peace, no matter what’s happening around you.
  • How to overcome the obstacles to fulfilling your deepest desires.

WEEK 3 Transformation Focus: HeART of Courageous Conversation 

You’ll learn the HeART of Courageous Conversations,the key tool to help you ask for what you want AND get what you need in life, love and work, including:

  • How to Speak Up from your heart.
  • When to speak up and when not to.
  • An amazing process that will help you identify and break whatever pattern is in the way of reaching your full potential.  Or, if next level is all you’re after .. that too!
  • How to stay in Daily Nirvana, no matter how bad the breakdown
  • Identify your communication archetype and which one causes you the most problems.
  • Get okay with your anger and learn how to express your anger in ways that aren’t hurtful to yourself or others.

WEEK 4 Transformation Focus: Get What You Want in Life

We will explore how you can enhance your presence, charisma and influence, create an inspiring version of your personal story, and explore the HeART of your power. The key to all of this lies in the base of the Transformation Star – your relationships with yourself, the universe and others.

  • How to use your presence to change things, without having to say a word.
  • Discover how to transmute the energy of your fear and challenges and harness it as a force for positive change.
  • Learn how not to get derailed by setbacks and get back into your power quickly(One of the most powerful skills in business and in life!).
  • How to release your past, stop worrying about the future and step squarely into the delicious present. (let go of toxic emotions like resentment, guilt, and shame.)
  • Identify the top personality trait that gets in your way and get it handled in an easy, fun way.
  • Learn how to take radical responsibility for your circumstances – love your choices and your past, find the jewels in your wounds.
  • How to plug your power leaks and wield your power with truth and love.

WEEK 5 Transformation Focus: Deepening Love & Relationships

We will support you in finding your hidden voice in romantic partnership, family relationships, and friendships. There’s far too much that goes unsaid in these key relationships, and it’s time to speak up with love, be heard, and get more of what you want.

  • How to set healthy boundaries that aren’t too rigid and aren’t too soft.
  • A transformative practice that will help you connect to, heal and stabilize your inner feelings, no matter how troubling or difficult.
  • Learn to say what you are afraid to say (don’t worry, I won’t try and get  you to say anything you’re not ready to say).
  • The best way to “change” your partner … or, anyone else in your life you want to change.
  • See clearly how your dynamic with your parents is playing into the way you hide your voice.
  • Magnetize the sisterhood and support you long for.

WEEK 6 Transformation Focus: Where You Stand  in Your Work

We will explore what you stand for and even delve into what you were born to do ….and perhaps even take a look at that which you are afraid to claim. This work is integral to you finding your hidden voice. You are unique and special and have gifts that only you can give; when you tune into what those gifts are, you will have so much more clarity and confidence in speaking up for what you want and need. Whether you are a mom, an entrepreneur and/or have a job.

  • We will tune into what  it is that you are standing for in your mission; from there where do you  back down from taking a stand and why?
  • How to get over the fraud factor and whether you are good enough to call yourself a leader.
  • Deeply see the places where you back away from that thing you say you stand for and learn to stand for it fully.
  • Fabulous tools to clarify your purpose, define your mission, and create your dream vision – all from the rock-solid foundation of your Big Why. This foundation will help you overcome the obstacles and fear you’ll inevitably face as you grow your business and/or step into your mission as a leader in whatever organization you are a part of.

WEEK 7 Transformation Focus: HeART of Negotiation

I will teach you how speak up to get what you want in business and make more money whether you have your own business or have a job. I’ll also share my best negotiation secrets so you can negotiate what you want and need in a way that feels great.

  • Selling is so tough for most of you and you avoid it. Perspective Shift: Selling is service. Done right, you are deeply listening and empathizing with your dream client. (Even if you don’t have your own business, we are really selling and negotiating all the time, so this information will be useful to you).
  • Learn how to have aligned and deep sales conversations – sell in a way that feels good and not icky … sales that feels like heartfelt sharing and that you can’t wait to get out there and do! Sales that feels authentic, aligned and alive.
  • For those who are in a job, I’ll walk you through how to express yourself in relationships with your boss and co-workers and how to ask for raises and promotions and negotiating remote working arrangements, etc.
  • 3 Negotiation Secrets that will exponentially increase your business success.
  • Embodying your Courageous Presence so you can create a new archetype for who you will be in live, love, and work.
  • Practices for strengthening your power to stand in your Courageous Presence.

WEEK 8 Transformation Focus: Prosperity Plan

We will create a Prosperity Plan for you that weaves in everything we have explored on this rich journey we have been on together so you can define what prosperity means to you across life, love, and work and stay in action around what’s most important to you. This plan will include all of the conversations you have determined you need to have in order to create both a life you love and one that fulfills your bigger mission.

  • Discover what aligned action really is and why it’s essential to getting all you want.
  • Design your path to Courageous Conversations.
  • Learn how to take just a few powerful actions that will increase your inner peace way more than you would expect.
  • Create a prosperity plan that aligns your reality with your desires.
  • Discover how to stand for other people and their self-expression.
  • Cultivate Courageous Conversations as a practice, especially in times of conflict.

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