The HeART of Getting What You Want

A course in SPEAKING UP for  women who want more … in life, love, and business


WEEK 5 Transformation Focus: Deepening Love & Relationships

We will support you in finding your hidden voice in romantic partnership, family relationships, and friendships. There’s far too much that goes unsaid in these key relationships, and it’s time to speak up with love, be heard, and get more of what you want.

  • How to set healthy boundaries that aren’t too rigid and aren’t too soft.
  • A transformative practice that will help you connect to, heal and stabilize your inner feelings, no matter how troubling or difficult.
  • Learn to say what you are afraid to say (don’t worry, I won’t try and get  you to say anything you’re not ready to say).
  • The best way to “change” your partner … or, anyone else in your life you want to change.
  • See clearly how your dynamic with your parents is playing into the way you hide your voice.
  • Magnetize the sisterhood and support you long for.

Module 5: Audio


Module 5: Playbook

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