The HeART of Getting What You Want

A course in SPEAKING UP for  women who want more … in life, love, and business


WEEK 7 Transformation Focus: HeART of Negotiation

I will teach you how speak up to get what you want in business and make more money whether you have your own business or have a job. I’ll also share my best negotiation secrets so you can negotiate what you want and need in a way that feels great.

  • Selling is so tough for most of you and you avoid it. Perspective Shift: Selling is service. Done right, you are deeply listening and empathizing with your dream client. (Even if you don’t have your own business, we are really selling and negotiating all the time, so this information will be useful to you).
  • Learn how to have aligned and deep sales conversations – sell in a way that feels good and not icky … sales that feels like heartfelt sharing and that you can’t wait to get out there and do! Sales that feels authentic, aligned and alive.
  • For those who are in a job, I’ll walk you through how to express yourself in relationships with your boss and co-workers and how to ask for raises and promotions and negotiating remote working arrangements, etc.
  • 3 Negotiation Secrets that will exponentially increase your business success.
  • Embodying your Courageous Presence so you can create a new archetype for who you will be in live, love, and work.
  • Practices for strengthening your power to stand in your Courageous Presence.

Module 7: Audio


Module 7: Playbook

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