Audio Listening Guide

There are a lot of available audios, which can be overwhelming. To make it easier for you, I created a guide so you can choose an audio that matches your mood … practice using your intuition to choose what audio to listen to. Once you choose an audio that fits your mood, click here to go to the All Audios page, search for the speaker you want to hear, and enjoy!

Are you in the mood for …

Getting a real feel of what the event is all about? Listen to Hiro Boga, Christine Arylo, Elayne Kalila Doughty, Kylie Slavik, KC Baker or Krystal Brandt. The big themes for the event are covered in these seminal interviews.

Feeling inspired? Check out KC Baker, Kylie Slavik, Katerina Satori, Tanya Rubinstein or Krystal Brandt.

Accessing the Soul of your Business? Listen to Hiro Boga and Krystal Brandt.

Something practical? Check out  Katerina Satori (Simple, easy, daily practices), Michele PW (Love-Based Goals), Anna Kunnecke (Fit in Self-Care to a busy schedule), Tara Butler Floch (Business Planning), Deborah Hurwitz (Structure to get Creativity Flowing), Elizabeth Stomp (Intuitive Planning Process), or Jenn Scalia (Managing Your Schedule).

Transmuting your fear into power? Listen to Theresa Vee.

Moving your body? Check out Rochelle Schieck.

A guided practice that takes you inward? Listen to Hiro Boga (Energy Alchemy & Deva of Your Business), Joanna Intara Zim (Shift Energy), Paula Lacobara (Activate Wild Woman), Amy Hackett Jones (Theta Healing), Elayne Kalila Doughty (Heart Knowing), and Theresa Vee (Alchemize Fear into Good Feelings).

Creating from your core desired feelings? Check out Phoenix Muranetz and Amy Hackett Jones.

Thinking deeply about intuition and understanding it better? Listen to Suzanne Anderson or Trez Ibrahim.

Learning More About Your Dreams? Check out Amy Hackett Jones.

Using your Wild Woman essence or your Sensual Archetypes to activate your planning? Listen to Paula Lacobara (Wild Woman) or Raquel Vassallo (Sensual Archetypes).

Trying a Kundalini Mantra that gets you in a great zone for planning? Check out Catarina Andrade.

Trusting yourself more? Listen to Melissa Kelly.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail Kavita at kavita @ epicdreamacademy.com or Jessica at jess  @ jessicajokisch.com

Special Planifest 2018 Offer

If you are feeling touched and moved by what this event is about

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Bonus: Access to Speak Up from Your Heart and Women’s Wealth Revolution VideoJams (Value is $400) 

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