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Kavita Leela Arora

How to Create Your Intuitive Business Plan So You Can Make Your Epic Dream Real

Elayne Doughty

Access Divine Feminine Archetypes to Remember Your Truth, Overcome Fears, and Have Faith + a Powerful Heart Knowing Process

Christine Arylo

For Recovering Achievement Junkies - Kellogg MBA teaches Planning the Feminine Superpower Way and Action from Your Surplus (Not Your Reserves!)

Hiro Boga

Soul-led Planning, Energy Alchemy Practice Releasing all that is not Yours and Reclaiming Your Own Energy + Speaking to the Deva of Your Business

KC Baker

Overcoming Fear to Leave Investment Banking and Follow a “Crazy” Dream that Led to Working on Hillary Clinton’s Campaign and Speaking at the UN

Kylie Slavik

Sacred Geometry and Alchemy Leads to One of the Most Successful Launches in Women’s Coaching + the Sacred Balance Between Spontaneity and Structure

Deborah Hurwitz

How to Distinguish the Voice of Intuition from Your Critical Voice and to Stop Acting on What Seems “Urgent” so You Can Focus on What’s Important

Rochelle Schieck

A Delightful, Surprising Way to Drop into Your Body Wisdom and Move Your Energy So Your Plan Creates Itself

Katerina Satori

From $3 to Helping Thousands Find Joy + 2 Essential Practices to Accessing Intuitive Guidance

Krystal Brandt

Planning in the New Paradigm Feminine Leadership and Tuning into the Soul of your Business

Anna Kunnecke

Step Away from Passive, Law of Attraction, Waiting for Rescue Mode and Declare Dominion Over Your Life By Spending 5 Minutes in the Bathroom

Heather Bruce Allison

Accessing Key Practical Information and Your Guides Through Dreams

Theresa Vee

Transmuting Stuck Energy into Creative Flow So Your Can Channel Your Body Wisdom Into Your Plan

Raquel Vassallo

How Your Erotic Essence Can Ignite Your Planning

Tara Butler

How to Create an Intuitive Business Plan Centered in Your Desires

Tanya Rubinstein

How Following Intuition Led to a Wildly Successful & Unexpected Business Launch & Transformed the Lives of Thousands

Paula Lacobara

Use Your Wild Woman To Activate Your Planning

Michele PW

Get Out of Your Head & into Your Heart to Create Love-Based Goals in an Easeful, Fun Way

Phoenix Muranetz

From Accomplishment Machine to Redefining Success and Creating a Pleasurable Life and Super Successful Business Through Creating Core Desired Feelings

Joanna Intara Zim

Make The Sacred Shift and Access Your Own Awakening Soul Medicine

Asha Croggon

The Heart as a Gateway to Intuition & to Alchemize Pain into Fertile Soil for Your Dreams

Amy Hackett Jones

Create Your 2018 Plan From Your Core Desired Feelings and a Theta Healing!

Catarina Andrade

A Beautiful Mantra to Energize and Invoke the Soul of Your Planning

Melissa Kelly

Radical Responsibility and Self-Trust as Keys to Access Intuition

Elizabeth Stomp

A Delightful and Practical Intuitive Planning Process

Zahra Efan

Finding Your Own Unique Practice to Access Your Intuition & Slowing Down to Create Business Success

Victoria Vail

Powerful Grounding Practices That Open Portals of Intuition

Suzanne Anderson

Dispelling Age Old beliefs That Hold You Back From Accessing Your Intuition

Jenn Scalia

One Strategy That Will Change the Way You Create Your Schedule So You Have Spaciousness and Time to Allow Creativity Flow

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