Daily Videos

Ready to declare done with soul-crushing business strategies and create a profitable business in a soul-driven way?


DAY 1 – October 21st: My TOP 3 foundational principles of Soul-driven business strategy so you can create inspiring results in life and work≥

DAY 1 Homeplay:  1) What, if anything, did you become aware of as you listened? What are your incongruencies? 2) What action will you take based on this information?


DAY 2 – October 22nd: My Top # ways to get super clear on your PURPOSE and the Secret Key to choosing the most effective INSPIRED ACTION to take  so you create inspiring results (Harnessing the support of the quantum field and your ancestors in creating impact and revenue). DHARMA. 

My EXACT STEP-BY-STEP process for accessing your flow state of pleasure (what I call Daily Nirvana) so that you attract clients like never before. KAMA.

DAY 2 Homeplay:  1) What do you commit to doing as your Daily Nirvana Morning Ritual? Practice? 2) Optional: Share a challenge or question you still have about your Daily Nirvana Morning Ritual.


DAY 3 – October 23rd: Create prosperity and profit even while surrounded by naysayers because they are everywhere (even if the only one that believes in your dream is you). ARTHA.

DAY 3 Homeplay:  1) What is one thing you commit to doing to strengthen your belief in yourself? 2) How will you strengthen yourself to face challenges going forward? Challenges like naysayers.


Day 4 – October 24th: How to earn more than you ever have working with dream clients that adore you & EXACTLY how to set yourself up for true freedom and self-actualization using your business as a spiritual path. MOKSHA.

DAY 4 Homeplay: 1) Share one insight you received from watching? 2) Share one question or challenge you have about growing your business.


Day 5 – October 25th: The three keys you must know to set TARGETS (not goals) that you naturally and easily meet because they are so deeply congruent with what you naturally desire to do. KARMA

DAY 5 Homeplay: 1) Share at least one target. 2) Share one obstacle you encounter in meeting your targets.


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