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9 Days of Durga Energy to Invoke Your Power and Voice  


I’m so excited and delighted that you are joining us

for the Unlock Your Potency training!

If this series might contribute to someone you know, please share it. I’ve also found that when people have accountability and support, they get better results. So, if you want to bring your friends in, it will be great for them and for you.

Here’s the link for you to share with your friends – it’s best if they sign up directly so that they get all call reminders, call materials etc.:

We will be running most of the challenge through the Facebook Group with a few key e-mails to supplement. To get started, join the Facebook group by clicking here and requesting to join.

From 10/10 to 10/19, 2018 We will meet daily at 9 a.m. Pacific in the Facebook group. 

Some days, I will do a Facebook Live (video or audio), and other days, it will be just a post, an audio. It really depends on my mood.

Following the structure of Navratri and the energy of Durga, allowing it to light up my True Self Daily and bringing you a transmission about Invoking Your Power and Your Voice!

We need all of you amazing ladies, your power and your voices to create the energy to elevate this reality away from sex and hate crimes, misogyny, and the hate of any group because it is seen as “the other”.

Instead, let’s to elevate this reality towards a humanity that is about heart, kindness and true caring for our human family and for our home, the planet earth.

During these 9 days, I can’t wait to share how to:

  • Activate the energy of Durga within you: Mother of Fierce Compassion, Courage, Strength & Invincibility

  • Find the power you have always known you have had but haven’t been able to access … yet

  • Learn about a few up-until-now secret technologies to amplify your potency in huge ways, should you dare to use them! 

So excited to be with you soon!  

To Your True Voice and Power,




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