From Soul Crushing Work to Soul-driven Success is my FREE 5-Week Online Course revealing how to find your dream clients, create a program they long for, and sell it to them with confidence so you can self-actualize in your work and finally realize your potential.  

To get started, you only need a few people. And, you don’t even need a web site, a big launch or complicated marketing that is overwhelming.

What’s different about the Soul-driven Sales System? It helps you find and use your secret source of  power and magnetism (“Shakthi”) to create a lucrative business in a pleasurable and fun way. And, the only reason I know that is that I did it the other way, but it was like soul death. I was successful, but I was miserable.

Here’s what I’m sharing:

  • How I’ve become exceptional at avoiding soul crushing energies in work and life, in a way that amplifies my soul to such a high energy that it  magnetizes my dream clients and life experiences and has them saying, “YES! YES! YES!” to their soul’s calling and creating success through following it.  
  • The EXACT steps to focus on to create soul-driven strategies which lead to true posperity and deep happiness without overriding your soul.
  • The TRUTH about SOUL-DRIVEN SALES + WHY so many women entrepreneurs are unknowingly missing out on HOW ENJOYABLE sales can be which, in turn, compromises their ability to serve at their highest level.

Weekly Videos

Videos will be posted as they become available! Please join us LIVE!

Week 1

Say No to Soul-Crushing Influences and YES to Soul-Amplifiers for conscious coaches and entrepreneurs ready to infuse soul into all aspects of your life and work.

Homeplay: Please share at least one:
1. Insight, breakthrough, or realization you received during our time together today?
2.  Challenge you have in any of the areas we covered today.

Week 2

Soul-Infused Ways to Magnetize Clients & Grow your community, for conscious women leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to BE THE LIGHTHOUSE for the people who are yearning for that you offer because you are the answer to their prayers.

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Week 3

Communicate What You Do in a Clear and Relatable Way (without sounding canned and boring).

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Week 4

Enjoy Sales & Make Money without feeling icky and gross so that instead of finding objections to signing up, your dream clients are looking for ways to create the money for your offer because it’s so congruent with their deepest desires.

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Week 5

Design a Talk that Magnetizes Your Dream Clients to share your story in a compelling way that your dream clients identify with.

Bonus Week

Why Money, Spirituality, and Pleasure must go together for soul-driven women entrepreneurs and leaders who no longer want to split the personal and the professional, instead want to bring their whole selves to life and work!


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