Event Guide

I created this event because I want to support you in quantum leaping in your business and life with less efforting and more ease and flow. The pathway to do that is accessing the Quantum Field as a magical friend on your journey to creating your Epic Dream.  

If you use the materials as I suggest, you will emerge from the event with a lots of practices that you will be excited to put into action. 

So, how are we going to do this?

By using these innovative tools:

The LIVE Activations and Panels on Quantum Business, Timeline Hopping, Quantum Social Justice, Instant Manifestation and more!

The inspirational video interviews that provide stories, tools and practices to support you in Quantum Productivity & Prosperity

Most of the interviews are 25-30 minutes long, and are meant to drop you into your inspiration, insight, and flow and offer practical tools and strategies to bring your elevated 5D energies into your 3D world of your body and senses. 

Read the brief descriptions of the audios and tune into which one you intuitively feel is the one to listen to next. 

Mark your calendar for these LIVE events: 

  • Quantum Social Justice:Time and Date TBD 
  • Timeline Hopping and Instant Manifestation: Time and Date TBD 
  • Quantum Business Activation: Time and Date TBD 

If you wish to have lifetime access to the audios and get all the juicy bonuses worth over $5K, you can check out the VIP Package  here.

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