Epic Dream Academy® Presents:

Create Unprecedented Results in Less Time Using the Power of the Quantum Field

For Visionary Leaders, Change-makers and Conscious Entrepreneurs ready to create soul-driven success


Are you ready to…

 Have More Daily Bliss (aka Daily Nirvana)

Feel less feeling fear, doubt, contraction & resistance

 Create in accordance with your true nature

Stop  fitting in a box or following a formula in the matrix


Leave behind the good girl who unconsciously internalizes the patriarchy

 Have More Flow and Ease

stop pushing and efforting

 Prioritize Yourself Which Ups Your Energy

Stop the energy drain of letting your People Pleaser/Good Girl lead

Rest into Supportive Soul Sisterhood

Release relationships that you’ve grown out of or settled for

 Feel limitless and infinite

As contrasted with trapped and limited possibilities

Most importantly… become a Quantum Creator who can Quantum Leap at any time, even instantaneously.

Quantum Leap Sistermind supports you to
Master your Energy and Personality

so that you

Once you shift into the new version of you, the old version is literally gone and won’t come back. It’s not surface level change. It’s deep, lasting transformation.

Hiya beautiful,

I talk to a lot of amazing women, and I often hear about the resistance and ascension symptoms they experience as they attempt to move to their next level. How often have we heard that the consciousness that got us here will not serve get us where we want to go.

Whether it’s:

 – 10x revenue by creating leverage in your business

 – Knocking your next big project out of the park

 – Having a magical relationship

 – Financial freedom

 – Plenty of energy and vibrant health

 – Being your authentic self and never having to wear a mask

 – Having people in your life who deeply know you, love and support you

 – Having a desire, setting a target, and trusting that you will become the version of you that can hit it

These women have a sense that their Epic Dreams can come true, but they don’t know how to become the version of themselves that can actualize that dream in 3D Physical reality.

There’s a gap between who they are now and who they need to become in order to have what they desire.

And, the faster they can bridge that gap, the faster they will be able to Quantum Leap into their Epic Dreams.

These women don’t create like other people do. The formulas may not work for them the way they seem to work for so many others.

Or, sometimes, the formulas work, and other times they don’t, and that’s even more confusion.

Do you relate?

If so, that means you either aren’t a Linear Creator, or you’re a blend of a Linear and a Non-Linear (Intuitive) Creator.

Linear Creation: A + B to get C.

Linear creation is about following steps to get a result.

If you do X, Y and Z in this order, in this specific way, then you will get this result. Like … build a list, learn to sell to it and you will make money.

Non-linear creation works on the level of the Quantum Field in the 5th dimension where there is no time and space. It’s leading with intuition, with soul, with energy (5D), rather than leading with intellect, strategy, and physical reality (3D).

Linear creation is awesome in some situations like emergencies or physical calculations. For instance, if a fire occurs, you want to send people to put out the fire immediately. You don’t want to go inward and use your intuition if there is imminent danger.

In most situations, using non-linear creation or a combo of linear and non-linear is actually the most efficient and easy way to go.

Non-linear creation is THE key to Quantum Leaping, to breaking that glass ceiling, to reaching your next level.

When you can combine linear and non-linear creation, that’s when you experience the fastest, biggest, most miraculous changes in your reality.

The problem is that most mentors are great at either linear or non-linear creation, and not both.

I can provide you with the best of both and support you in finding the combination that is most potent for your human design.

The ONLY missing piece when you’ve tried everything is your …

Quantum Creation Style

As you find your Quantum Creation Style, you will be able to create what you desire, as if by magic, and sometimes even instantaneously.

“Before working with Kavita I launched a small group intensive. However, my confidence and clarity felt a bit shaky to step up to the next level and really claim my work. I lacked the ability to see what the next step was. When I listened to Kavita, everything she talked about really resonated with me so I joined Kavita’s program.

After 12 months, I feel a re-energized commitment to my message and my work. I built stronger business partnerships. A powerful sense of inner integrity and resilience allowed me to navigate any challenges. In addition, I’m preparing to launch a global telesummit with amazing partners.

If you gift yourself working with Kavita, expect your life to change, not just your work. Her willingness to enter into the sacred places, the shadowed corners and truly weave together the divine feminine energy of deep knowing and moving forward is a catalyst for true change. Working with her is like entering your inner Temple and beginning the work of aligning your inner vision and outer manifestation in integrity with who you are.”

Asha Croggon | WholeHearted YES, Women’s Empowerment Coach

The truth about what runs your life

We think that we control our lives and our thoughts, but the truth is that less than 10% of our reality is actually run by the conscious mind.

The majority of what shows up in our lives comes from the subconscious mind. We are actually run by our subconscious patterns and programs.

The subconscious mind contains ancestral information from our DNA, traumas stored in our nervous systems from painful events, family and social conditioning, energy patterns from the matrix and the patriarchy, and so much more.

When we are pursuing an Epic Dream, when we are trying to Quantum Leap forward into that greatest imagined future, the subconscious mind kicks in, trying to protect us. In order to actually make the Quantum Leap, there’s a deep inner shift required on the energetic level.

At its core, that’s the shift I’ve mastered and can show you how to make within yourself, over and over again. Each time, your shift will be different, and you will learn how to find those tension points yourself, so you can Quantum Leap faster and faster.

It’s time to let go of everything that has kept you safe, imprisoned and limited, so you can become the EPIC version of you.

If you’re ready to experience that your word is law, that if you say it, it happens, it’s available to you. This is off the charts potency, magic and miracles. It’s sorcery.

If that’s what you desire, you can have it.

However, it’s going to require you to become a NEW VERSION of you. Not just YOU 2.0, but E.P.I.C. YOU, with less and less subconscious baggage weighing you down.

Tune into your EPIC future self who…

  Has Mastery with Your Energy & Emotions 

  Pleasurably Magnetizes Wealth through Your DHARMA  (Purpose/Being YOU) 

  Creates Whatever You Desire, Like a Quantum Queen 

This Program Comes at a Pivotal Time Because the World Needs You to Embody Your EPIC Self

Getting clear on your role in the planetary awakening is the single greatest contribution you can make to yourself and to humanity. It’s not just your birthright; It’s your responsibility. You are an essential part of the birthing of the New Earth, one that is based on a divine matrix of energy as contrasted with the toxic matrix that currently exists. 


You were born with a unique dharma, a unique purpose and message. The time has come for you to Quantum Leap forward in the expression of yourself and the pursuit of your destiny path. You may not think that you are special or that your message is needed. You may think that there are other people out there already doing what you do.

But there is only one you. There has never been anyone exactly like you and there never will be again. And, your gifts are needed at this time on the planet. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have found your way to this message. Is this resonating with you?

It’s time for you to come out of hiding and become the visionary leader that deep inside you know you can be, if only you could just overcome yourself, if only you could become a Quantum version of you. Would you like to experience that version of you? 

Humanity desperately needs those of us at a higher level of consciousness to guide us through this dark time. Do it not only because the pull is so strong that you must follow it, but also because there are specific people you are meant to lead. 

I’d love to support you in your quest to become the version of yourself that creates your epic dreams in life, legacy & leadership, and does so with ease. This is how we are going to do it, together:

If this resonates with you, I invite you to apply to join me, Kavita Arora, founder of Epic Dream Academy, in the Quantum Leap Sistermind.

Kavita literally changed my life. I know that’s a big statement. She enabled me to look at a shameful event in my life with a new outlook. With her help, I was able to turn my painful experience into something that transformed me into a better wife, mother, friend, and business owner. Thank god for that.

Sharisse Ben-Yaacov | Online Business Manager for Female Leadership Coaches

Is there a part of you that’s perking up right now and feeling pulled to lean in and pay attention to the growing excitement, the resonance that’s building inside?  And, is there another part that is debating you at every turn telling you why you can’t do this and why not to go for it. (Telling you it’s too crazy and risky and to stay in your comfort zone.) 

Lean in and take the risk. Let your heart and soul win out over your mind. Every time you let your intuition lead, and use your intellect to support, when you make the decision from your innermost desires and dreams, miracles happen. That’s because those desires and dreams were put there for a reason. They were put there by the universe and destiny clues. Follow them. 

Shall we decide together what your customized quantum path looks like together and have a no pressure conversation?


Prospering through Dharma  (aka soul-driven success) has been overlooked for way too long!

Creating abundance through your calling is tough for three main reasons.  

1) Naysayers & Conditioning: We are conditioned to believe we will fail at achieving our epic dreams and are told over and over again that you can’t make money doing what you love, be practical etc. We can feel like we are fighting against our own nervous system, because in a sense, we are. 

2) Isolation: it’s tough to break from the pack and do things differently all by yourself; you end up going it alone because so few others actually understand what you are trying to create, let alone actually support it. 

3) Unclear Path from Soul Vision to Physical Reality:There is no playbook on how to translate our soul visions into physical reality and succeed because so few are able to do it, and no one has really codified the whole system, only parts of it. 

No other program effectively addresses all these issues

When you pursue an epic dream, there are so many naysayers telling us why we can’t do it. And, even if they stay quiet, we may be telling ourselves why we can’t do it. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had both going on.

Most programs focus on the inner work OR the outer work, or if they address both, it’s done lightly.

Some programs have excellent strategies with a little mindset work added. Others go super deep on the inner shifts and soul work, but lack strategies, structures and systems to bring these beautiful inspirations into to physical manifestation in the world.

There’s no other program out there that goes super deep with BOTH the inner energetic 5D soul-level transformation and the outer business and leadership strategies and structures to get you there in the 3D physical world.

In addition, It’s really tough to be all alone on the path to pursuing your dharma when those around you are judging you and telling you you’re crazy. And, then you start to doubt yourself as well because your conditioning kicks in.

Your mind is spinning, and you wonder if they might be right? After all, you can’t provide them with a plan that shows how exactly you are going to succeed with this epic dream you have.

I’ve been longing for a solution that is super deep spiritually while also being very results-oriented. And, I just couldn’t find it. That’s when I knew I had to create it. That’s when Quantum Leap Sistermind was born!


You deserve to Quantum Leap into your Epic Dreams


We follow a 3 Pillar Quantum Leap Blueprint that addresses all these problems in a unique way.

1) Through the Quantum Energy Mastery approach, we address the Naysayers and the Conditioning, the subconscious kick that can come up when we take risks and pursue actions outside of our comfort zone. You will go from shaky to confident, from contracted to magnetic. We go super deep on this piece and support you to return to the pure energy that is you. to your SOUL. That’s the place where you actually become the Quantum Field and everything truly is possible.

2) Sisterhood & Support through deep sharing in your small sistermind group and. the larger community creates a vibrational vortex for your success.

3) Strategies, Structures and Systems support you in taking your epic dream and translating it into physical reality, whether that be to create a profitable business, a successful corporate career or nonprofit, a deeply fulfilling relationship, vibrant health, community impact or something else.


The 3 Pillar Quantum Leap Blueprint includes the 3 crucial elements to create your fastest leap forward.

When you use the Strategies, Structures & Systems we provide, your actions go from underoptimized to leveraged. When you implement Quantum Energy Mastery, you go from pressured to magnetic . When you receive Sisterhood & Support, you go from alone to interconnected.

The Quantum Leap Sistermind is a 12-month program that will
help you learn how to quantum leap in life, love and leadership, with ease, by mastering your inner world and taking the most powerful, clear actions towards prosperity.

 This program will support you in: 

liberating yourself from the your shackles and express your inner self, truth and voice to powerfully magnetize and even instantly manifest your desires (because despite how aware you are, you grew up in a wounded patriarchal society and it’s impossible to avoid internalizing damaging beliefs)

quantum leaping at least every 90 days generating unprecedented results that make people say: “Wow, how’d you do that?  I’d like to have that too.” (the pace quickens as you master the skill so pretty soon, you’re Quantum Leaping daily and even moment-to-moment)

making better money than you ever thought possible doing work that is full of ease and fun because you were uniquely designed to do it (HINT: This is what you’d be doing anyways, even if you weren’t getting paid, that’s how easily it comes to you) .


As a result of this program, you will:

 arrowSkip steps and get the most direct line (aka timeline hop) into your epic dream future so that you get there faster and don’t waste time and energy (no more burning out to get ahead)

arrowBecome unrecognizable to yourself and others in the best possible way (because actualizing your magical future requires a more evolved, transformed version of you)

arrowEMBODY the energy of your epic future self NOW – this is fun and produces remarkable, non-linear results in money, health and relationships (e.g. a $50K+ month, turning around a marriage that felt totally doomed, losing 40 pounds without trying after years of struggle with my body – these are just a few results I’ve experienced)

arrowQuantum Leap every 60-90 days, activating a vastly better possible future in all dimensions of life, love, leadership, legacy and libido

arrowGet to where you want to go in less time and with less effort using Blissipline (Bliss + Discipline) and Flowcus (Flow + Focus) – we are talking off the charts prosperity & productivity with more time off.

arrowLet go of energies of past trauma, your parents and societal expectations, and other dark energies  that aren’t yours so you can be who you really are, deep inside (that part of you that has been longing to express)

arrowEmbody the 5 Quantum Truths: when you show up as your authentic self, what you desire starts to show up with ease, no matter how bad things seem right now. 


“I have gained many insights into my Soul’s calling through my work with Kavita. She is a good listener and also speaks the truth with love. I can count on her for a clear, evolved perspective of what is happening in my life. No matter the story I am telling myself, she has a gift for seeing beyond the physical layers and directing my eye within to the cause of friction. She requests of me to search deeper into my experience and be open to what I find, thus facilitating transformation in my life within my framing.

She believes that we each have our own path and respects and encourages this in people that interact with her. Her life is an example of integrity and profound expansion. She walks a clear and precise path that has inspired me to reach higher in my life.”

Lisa Van Ahn | Wellness Coach, Trainer, and Fighter


“Speak Up with Kavita is vastly important work that has been long due for women, and has had a profoundly positive impact in my life. In giving permission to women in having their voices heard, Kavita has lovingly created a powerful dialogue with a diversity of leaders that inspires, encourages and ignites one’s inner voice. 

Having always ‘thought’ that I spoke my mind, I actually realized I had been hiding many of my unspoken thoughts, ideas and needs in fear.  From her summit, I was able to communicate my unspoken needs and desires to my partner & also have those “uncomfortable conversations” with others that without her work would have been not as easy or graceful. I have now felt comfortable setting boundaries, and in expressing what I need from those around me with genuine caring, authenticity and a loving authority.

She helped me deepen my own practice of learning how to better listen to others and their desires while more proudly voicing my needs with reciprocal respect, tenderness and grace. These are the foundations that every woman should be given. She helped create an opening and space that it was not only okay for me to express these needs, but that it is integral. Kavita and her message is really for any woman who is ready to experience the real definition of success in all areas of their life. 

Journeying with Kavita through Speak Up honestly has changed my life, and has been one of the most important pieces of work that has come my way.”

Phoenix Muranetz | Female Sensuality & Empowerment Expert


We are at the most  critical juncture in human history.

Do you feel called to contribute to creating the New Earth? 

Are you ready to step into your EPIC self so you can help humanity make the shift from separation to connection, from division and hate to higher consciousness and love?

Is it possible that you were born at this time for this very reason?

Then Quantum Leap Sistermind, is for you.

This process is designed to support you in accessing your Authentic Self because you are the Magic Pill

 Master being the real YOU and you’ll not only be the change you were born to be …

You’ll also magnetize your Epic Dreams more and more easily.  

Quantum Leap Foundation

Potent amplifiers and accelerators in your Quantum Creation Process

 Master the 5 Foundations of Quantum Leaping 

ENERGY: Master Energy thru Daily Nirvana Practice

Your energy is your most important Asset.  When you master your energy and emotions, you master the ability to choose your response. No matter what happens, no matter how hard it gets, you are resilient and able to move more and more quickly out of difficult emotions and situations and back into a higher vibration. Pretty soon, you’ll be so high vibe, that you might attract what you desire, as if by magic. How?  I’ll custom design a Daily Nirvana Practice especially for those who register early. Limited number available.  

PROSPERITY PRINCIPLES: Invoke Purpose, Pleasure, Prosperity, Peace

I was so stuck for so long in how I would ever make money from my purpose. I knew how to make $ as a lawyer, but no clue as to how to make money doing what I love. These Prosperity Principles are what helped me to finally follow my purpose in a pleasure way and prosper. We have a Business Track and a Leadership Track which allows you to bring this work to your vocation, whether you are an Entrepreneur, Corporate Leader, Public Servant, Mother or something else. You can do one or both tracks, if you like. 

These are universal principles, the 4 aims of life, the path to happiness in Vedanta (where Yoga comes from). When you follow and fulfill your Dharma (Purpose), you will be rewarded with Artha (Prosperity) and Kama (Pleasure) and the path leads you to Moksha (Peace). When you create your Quantum Leaps on this foundation, it is possible to find the ultimate fulfillment. Divine Feminine Vedanta at its best!

 INSPIRED ACTION: Step into Blissipline + Flowcus

What if follow through could be fun?

The current paradigm in patriarchy is to work hard to get what you want. Hard work can be awesome … and, it feels so much better when the hard work comes from a place of passion and joy, right? That’s where Blissipline (Bliss + Discipline) and Flowcus (Flow = Focus) comes in. Get clear on your intention, let the Universe know you are claiming it, and take inspired action towards it. 

I can’t wait to show you how to implement these principles in your life so you can see how easy and fun it can be to create your Epic Dreams. We do it through the Pyramid of Inspired Action (shown above).

CRYSTALLINE CLARITY, CONFIDENCE & CERTAINTY: Know that what you desire will show up 

Develop the skill of being certain that the outcome you desire will show up in your physical reality by mastering our process to actualize your targets as a part of the Pyramid of Inspired Action (shown above). Yes, you are cause and you are that powerful, when you have Energetic Mastery and you take consistent action in flow. This is what we practice together in Vibrational Vortex that is Quantum Leap Sistermind, moving from crippling doubt to more and more faith, surrender, trust and certainty.  

DIVINE FEMININE/SHAKTHI: Access latent feminine power

The world had been ruled by the patriarchy for too long. As we enter the Aquarian Age, the Divine Feminine Energy Embodied in each of us who responds to the call, will heal humanity and the planet. There is a power deep within you, and dare I say, your Yoni, that I’m going to support in activating so deeply that there will be no danger of that power ever disappearing again. Inside the Sistermind, we will activate it together as we heal ourselves and the world. 

“I was attracted to Kavita’s compelling message about connecting to my radiant power, dissolving limiting beliefs and shifting from fear to faith. As a result, I signed up for her 12 month mentorship program.

Before this program, I was primarily a stay-at home mom and had a small in home pilates business. I made under $10,000/year.

During my year long program I worked on creating my own powerful movement in the world. Kavita offered me a completely new model of how I can courageously follow my truth, presence and being in my wealth zone.

Thanks to Kavita, I have clearly defined my mission, movement and divine right clients. I’ve given my first public speaking event and created a package that resulted in 4 sales conversations. In addition, I’m working on my first telesummit.”

Kristen Helal | Sacred Sensitivity, Alternative Health Strategist & Life Vibrancy Coach

“My business and work had local exposure, but limited online presence. I had a general idea of what my signature program would be but my niche was still fuzzy. I didn’t have a steady stream of income because I wasn’t totally clear on who I wanted to serve.

Through working with Kavita, I clarified what my mission and movement are and who I’m here to serve. I grew my referral/ strategic alliance partner base by 500%. I’m also anticipating growing my e-mail list from under 200 to 1500+ in the next couple of weeks through a fabulous virtual summit that’s been created as a result of this program.

It’s been an amazing journey with Kavita. If you’re looking to get really clear on your mission, your message, and who you’re here to serve in a space of love, support and community with the practical skills you need to bring your vision to life, this is where you want to be!“

Darlene Downing | SpiritsNMotion, Relationship Mentor and Coach

Quantum Leap Foundation 5 – more detail: Each month we will activate another DIVINE FEMININE/SHAKTHI Archteype Embodiment so you can be the wild, elegant, free, prosperous woman you were born to be.

  1. Child (Innocent, Dependent, Joyful, Abused, Muse — all of it)
  2. Victim
  3. Prostitute
  4. Saboteur
  5. Mamma
  6. Goddess of Love & Compassion
  7. Wild Woman/Tantrika
  8. Challenger/Warrior for Justice
  9. Wise Woman/Crone
  10. Kali/Liberator/Edgewalker
  11. Creatrix
  12. Epic Dreamer
  13. Sourceress/Quantum Queen/Supernatural Goddess


A few other things to consider:

1. Having logged over thousands hours in coaching, and personally coached over several hundred leaders in a high-level capacity, I’ve become a go-to coach for visionary leaders ready to quantum leap in work and life.

2. You will be unrecognizable when you finish this program. You will be unable to return to the previous version of yourself, even if you wanted to. That version of you will be gone along with the energetic and emotional addictions that go with it.


Ready to step into your epic dream future now? To embody your epic future self now?

Join us for Quantum Leap Sistermind.



I’ll show you the steps, strategies & structures you require!


Intent & impact of the program

This 12-month program is devoted to supporting you in creating several Quantum Leaps in both your personal and professional life by:

 Redesigning your Personality and activating your Prosperity Persona – this is the EPIC FUTURE YOU! 

 Following a custom-designed emotional and energetic mastery system based on your human design and a proprietary emotional technology

 Using Divine Feminine Archetypes to help you reclaim lost parts and activate hidden Shakthi Powers

 Decreasing of eliminating inner conflict so you can be super clear both in your energy and in the actions that you take (no more spinning in indecision or analysis/paralysis)

 Using the rhythms of the planet, moon cycles and seasons to support us in creating in harmony with ourselves and nature while avoiding burnout

 Daily, weekly, monthly/moonly, and seasonal (quarterly) accountability systems so infused with positive energy and nourishment that you love following them!

 Create Your Most Epic Year Ever Using the Planifest Process to design your Quantum Leap Year. 

 Enhance Quantum Leap skills in monthly guest expert interviews about: Human Design, Crystalline Emotion, Tantric Life, Women’s Health, and Writing Your Book.


 12 months of support in a vibrational vortex designed to create Blissipline (Bliss + Discipline)

 Bonus Quantum Leap Creation Support: If you sign up now, I’ll personally set you up for your first Quantum Leap, even before the program begins. 

 Approximately 3 Recorded Group Coaching Calls per month + 1 monthly course module (Curriculum Call, Video Guided Journey and Activation, Content and Hotseats Call – lighter schedule in summer and winter holidays)

 Private Facebook Group (for sisterhood, community, and Q&A)

 Supplemental Written and Reading materials

 Four 1×1 calls with Kavita, one each quarter, including ‘prescription’ Daily Nirvana practice, personalized energetic cultivation and strategic coaching.

 One Human Design Session to tap you into your unique creation style

 2 Virtual Retreats (included) and 4 Quarterly Mini-Retreats to support your Planning Process.

 Other surprise program elements and bonuses added along the way

 $50K value in the marketplace, Actual investment: Much lower. Plus over $5K worth of bonuses.

    • Bonus for first 5 to register – 90 minute Quantum Leap Session with Kavita
    • Complimentary access to Planifest ($999 value)
    • Complimentary access to Wealth Alchemy Treasure Chest ($1111 normally)
    • Complimentary access to Wealth Alchemy Lab QuickStart ($555 normally)
    • Complimentary access to over $2K of other bonus courses in the course library


Delivered monthly through LIVE content calls, virtual mini retreats and pre-recorded content on the membership site. 

You will learn how to make a Quantum Leap, not just once, but over and over again, and quicker and quicker each time.

“I am honored to be working with Kavita. Her energy comes fully into each session with an abundance of love, care, grace and clarity. I can feel her high level of commitment and integrity to our work together and to my journey as I step more fully into my potentials to play my biggest role in this life and in this world.

Kavita has a way of combining her business brilliance and creative energies to support the evolution of both my personal and entrepreneurial paths. The work we are doing to get up underneath old limiting beliefs and stories, to notice them, shift them in the moment and be standing in 100% responsibility has completely up~leveled my process!

When I started working with Kavita I was still feeling unsure of my focus and how I was going to get there. Kavita is getting to know me through our coaching and because of one amazing suggestion she made to me, I am now on a trajectory to co~creating the expansive life vision I’ve had for myself for years!”

Laura Haykel I Chief Flourishing Generator, iFlourish Consulting

“Kavita Leela is an awesome coach and teacher. Her energy and enthusiasm are inspiring and contagious and she infuses her teachings with wisdom, passion and fun while sharing an abundance of pertinent information. Her approach is clear and well structured and offers the possibility of deep engagement in the process of learning and growth. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to build and expand their business in a way that is aligned with their deeper vision and purpose!”
Gabrielle Taylor Williams | Heart Centered Entrepreneur





Bonus #1: The Wealth Alchemy Lab Quickstart Program (Value $1K) and The Wealth Alchemy Treasure Chest (Value $5K)

A 5 Module and 12 Module Course that provides the foundation you need to create a multiple 6-figure business. 

By the end of this course, you will know WHY you do what you do,WHO your dream client is, WHAT to offer them, and HOW and WHERE to share and sell your offer. 


Bonus #2: The QUANTUM LEAP QUICKSTART (Value $2K) 


Get Started on your first Quantum Leap right away!

Want to dive in before the official kickoff date of QLS? I have something to support you! I created a special program for the next 5 women who join QLS:

  •  Human Design Session with Deb Farina so you can understand your Divine Design and how you are uniquely meant to create

  •  Crystalline Emotion Session with Adrian Hall to support you in up-vibing from heavy emotions like fear, doubt, and worry. 

  •  Quantum Leap Questionnaire Process that is illuminating even just in filling it out you receive so many insights and clarity.

  • 90 Minute Quantum Leap Strategy Session with Kavita to design your first Quantum Leap 

  • Custom-designed Daily Nirvana Practice to amplify your progress towards your first Quantum Leap

“Kavita Leela brings incredible strength and compassion to her Coaching Practice – a winning combination! She has the uncanny ability to enroll her clients to really think outside the box in approaching their new businesses. Where the client needs to develop skills, she inspires them to step up and release the fear that has kept them stuck. I feel blessed to call her my coach, and am so excited to continue our journey together of manifesting my soul’s longing of contribution in the world!“
Jeanne Byrd Romero | Transformative Coach

"On the spot, I came up with a completely unconsidered idea for making money.

I was trying to understand how to navigate a set of pain points my husband and I were having around money, that continued to cause miscommunication and conflict in our relationship at the most inopportune times (like right before we intended to buy a home!).

I was trying to manifest common ground between my husband and I, to an end to a back and forth that had been going on for years, and to make more money in my business to ease the tension in the short term.

Kavita openly shared similar experiences she’s had in her relationships. The biggest thing was her desire for me to speak my pain out loud instead of bury it, which is my usual strategy for dealing with problems. I’m so used to trying to be mature and see the other person’s side that I sometimes I ignore my own pain and needs.

The second thing is we talked through the idea of being self-reliant and looking at my mature skill sets and how I could use those to show my husband that I was getting everything as solid as possible in my business, as soon as possible. On the spot, I came up with a completely unconsidered idea for making money.

Kavita truly embodies her message of speaking up. Just by knowing her, I’ve learned the simple-but-not-easy skill set of speaking up about my preferences. I am usually the person who has to give in and also the one who doesn’t think to even ask for modifications.

I’ve learned to ask for what I want in low-risk situations like ordering dinner and asking for modifications that would make me happier. I graduated to speaking my preferences in situations where a group is trying to make a decision.

And lastly I learned that my inability to do these things is really a disservice to everyone, because it’s a version of avoidance, of disconnection, and of lack of vulnerability. By communicating with intention, you can deepen your relationships with people and get messy with them, so they understand who you really are… even if it makes you feel “difficult.

I would 100% recommend Kavita and her work. We all struggle with conversations, yet a conversation can solve so many of our problems. I've started applying the concepts I've learned from Kavita across my entire life."

Monica Leonelle | Book Writing Coach



Bonus #3: The Women’s Business Leadership University Course (Value $2K) 


Don’t want to wait for the next course module to come out? Jumpstart your journey with instant access to more than 20 course modules that contain the strategy and spirituality from Kavita’s last mastermind, so you can get started right away and hit the ground running. You’ll receive ample material on claiming your mission, honing in on your dream client, creating a program they love, growing your list, and selling to them.

    Get started right way with learning how to:

    • Feel confident being visible and even excited, moving through fear and knowing you can succeed.

    • Clear money and abundance blocks, resistance, overwhelm and procrastination.

    • Move through your fear, stand in your power and know you can succeed.

    • Magnetize your tribe of divine right clients so you can build your mailing list and create consistent monthly income by selling to that list and do it without burning out.

    • Master your inner game: feel confident being visible and use your fear as fuel to skyrocket you to your next level.

    • Leverage get-it-done energy and state-of-the-art business tools and structures (“the sacred masculine”) in service to inner, embodied wisdom (“the divine feminine.”)

    • Get more clarity on your message based on your great work and the exact steps to turn it into a lucrative business.

    • Create online positioning that helps your dream clients to find you and magnetizes them to you and your great work.

    • To use business structures in service to embodied wisdom and sacred purpose so you can create transformation and change the way business is done.


    Bonus #4: Your Mission Map (Value $497) 


    5 Practical Steps to Launching Your Dream Business

    with a Wildly Abundant Business Plan You Love

    Discover how to create an intuitive business plan that lights you up. This is the secret sauce to making money with your mission!

    Includes Simple Steps to Your Profit & Purpose-Driven Business Plan That Gets You From Vision to Consistent Monthly Income!

    You will learn:

    • How to create from the rock-solid foundation of your Big Why which will help you overcome the obstacles and fear you’ll inevitably face as you grow your business.

    • The secret to igniting interest and curiosity in your business, every time you talk about it

    • Access a special formula that helps you write out your Mission with more clarity than ever before

    • The surprising secret to turning “competition” into collaboration

    • The 14 types of services and products you can offer to bring in your ideal level of revenue.

    • Create a business model that provides you with wild abundance in all areas AND feels doable

    • Design your exit from your day job plan so you can do the work you were born to do while still paying your bills and allowing for a smooth transition

    Click here to learn more ...

    • Use my fiery ‘n fabulous process for finding your “special sauce” that empowers you with clarity about who you’re here to serve and how

    • Learn joyful, authentic ways to share what you do (that’s marketing!) that feel so good, you can’t help but do them

    • Design a distinctive, hot talk that speaks to your dream clients & create an offer that entices them to work with you (no, you don’t need a list to do this)

    • Create a flexible, fun and encouraging money map you can follow.

    • Choose which business model is ideal for your mission. And, ready to blow your mind? I’ve created spreadsheets to show you exactly how to make that coveted 6-figure income a reality, easily track your money, and master simple bookkeeping.

    • Explore the energetics of money — and how to draw it in with the right vibration


    Bonus #5: Quantum Leap Your Business (Value $497) 


    How to Package, Market and Sell Your Innate Brilliance So You Can

    Make Great Money Fast, Even if You're Starting from Scratch

    This authentic sales course will show you how to make sales in a way that feels good, not sleazy, using Archetypes of the Divine Feminine to help us infuse the masculine, linear how to’s with divine inspiration.

    You will discover:

    • How to take any method, no matter how spiritual or deep or energetically-based, and turn that into a step-by-step system that creates results your clients want and will pay for.

    • Create packages so appealing they’ll almost sell themselves.

    • How to inject your own special sauce into the package — no cookie cutter here! (This is also what will differentiate you from your “competition” — I don’t really believe in competition in the new paradigm but, in case you still do, this is what will make the difference for you.)

    Then you’ll get crystal clear on how to Have a Fun, Energizing Sales Conversations That Easily Enroll Clients in a Way that Serves What They Need and Want Most

    Click here to learn more ...

    • The exact script I used to enroll 10 dream clients in a five-figure month AND fill the vacancies in my business. (This script is like gold dust and very few people share this so transparently — just this one piece alone is worth the whole price of the course.)

    • How to create comfort right from the very beginning of the conversation in a way will enable both of you to relax and have fun together during the call — I’ll give you a script with exactly what to say.

    • How to tune into the Muse energy to bring fun and play into your sales conversations!

    • Essential and easy consciousness shifts that will totally change the way you see sales conversations … (you may even move from being afraid of them to thoroughly enjoying them.)

    • Scripts that help you figure out how to answer the most common objections including “I can’t afford it” and “I have to think about it” and “I have to talk to my spouse”

    "With Kavita’s guidance and soul-wisdom, I have  been able to show up more fully in my business. She is the perfect embodiment of truth speaking from her heart. Kavita is a living, breathing example of what courageous, soulful conversations look like. In her found courage, she gives us all permission to do the same.

    She demonstrates what the liberation of your hidden voice looks like through her own personal walk in life. Having courageous conversations had been a life-long challenge of mine, and recently it started showing up in my business. I didn't want to make waves, hurt anyone's feelings, have others think poorly of me or speak passionately on something and then be wrong.

    So I avoided FULLY sharing my truth when those awkward or scary instances came up in business. And life has a funny way of sharing signs with you to get you more aligned with your soul's desires. [In walks Kavita]

    With Kavita’s guidance and soul-wisdom, I have  been able to show up more fully in my business. It is at the intersection of honoring my boundaries and courageous compassion, that I have  found my sanctuary of peace. I've been able to speak from a space of love that does not compromise or run over my voice.

    I have such deep reverence and gratitude towards Kavita , for her bravery and heroism in sharing with others that IT IS possible to speak soulfully aligned.

    Her work is changing how we show up in this world. It is helping to change the world, one person at a time."

    Jen Mavros | Women's Leadership Coach, Manifestation Expert and Creator of The Mavros Method of Manifestation


    Do you feel called to transcend the dense physical reality (aka 3D) and step into your High Vibe (aka 5D) Self so you can be a Sorceress in your own reality?

    Then Quantum Leap Sistermind, is for you.

    From the density of 3D Reality

    At the effect of energy

      Fear, Limits, Contraction, Pain & Suffering
      Going from problem to problem and trying to solve it
      Disconnected from soul’s purpose
      Feeling separate, alone (maybe anxious & depressed)
     Life feeling like a supposed to – a sense of obligation
      Lack of trust in self and in life
      Seeking validation and approval from others
      Patterns of domination, control and competition
      Living in a right/wrong, good/bad paradigm
      Not taking responsibility for what’s showing up in life
      Blaming others for what’s wrong in life
      Being a victim to stories about the past
      Working hard is the way to succeed 
      Patterns of doubt and lack
      Being selfish and taking from others
      Secret longings seem far away or impossible 

    To Embodying 5D High Vibe

    Energies in 3D Reality

      Joy, love and gratitude at the core
      Ease in creation through Flowcus (Flow+Focus) & Blissipline (Bliss + Discipline)
      Deep self-trust
      Trust in the Universe
      Mastery of emotions and energy
      Not being driven by a need to belong
      A deep knowing of who you are and why you are here
      Guided by Intuition
      Using intellect to serve Intuition
      What’s happening in the outside world no longer drains joy and life force
      Feeling and being connected; a sense of oneness
      Access to both linear and non-linear creation
      Not being jostled by other people’s opinions
      Being of service to humanity

    Step into a higher vibration version of you … the one you sense is possible but hasn’t yet emerged.

    If that’s what you desire, take the leap and apply.

    So, let’s upvibe together.

    Ready be your Best Self?

    Ready to invoke the power of your magical friend, the Quantum Field, to take action on your Epic Dreams?

    Your Guide on this Journey:

    I’m Kavita Rani Arora, and I want to show you a new path forward.

    Have you ever taken a course or learned something from a mentor, but there was just something missing?

    I felt that way for years.

    Every time I signed up for a program or hired a coach, I would execute the strategies they taught me to a tee, and while I did meet my financial goals, it never ever felt good. In fact, it felt SOUL CRUSHING. I always burned out in the process, disconnecting from myself in order to focus on the “right” actions to take and the “perfect” structure to stay inside. It was like a rollercoaster ride that I just couldn’t get off.  

    Did I hit my financial goals, even having my own almost 6-figure launch? Yes, but there was no time left over to take care of myself. My health suffered. My relationships suffered. My emotional state suffered. At the end of the day, I was running my own business, but there was no real room for ME in it!

    So I drew a line in the sand and made it my personal mission to help women just like me become unapologetically themselves so they can succeed in business and life. Because we shouldn’t have to split ourselves in half just to achieve our dreams.

    Kavita is a true leader and way-shower for women who are ready to transcend cycles of disconnection and dissatisfaction, and step into their power.  As we learn how to identify what we want, have the courageous conversations necessary, and step into our desires, we create a healthier and more prosperous world for all.  Kavita is lighting the path.”

    Nisha Moodley | Women's Leadership Coach & Founder of Global Sisterhood Day


    QUANTUM LEAP FOUNDATION 2 – more detail.

    The aim of Quantum Leap Sistermind is supporting you in realizing the 4 aims of life, the 4 Purushartha:

     1. Dharma – Purpose, your calling, the reason why you were born and the meaning of your life

    2. Artha – Prosperity and wealth derived through following your soul’s calling
    3. Kama – Pleasure, play, delight and sensual gratification
    4. Moksha – Paradise; peace that comes from spiritual liberation; and, freedom from pain and personal reincarnation.

    When Divine Desire (Kama) Intersects With Divine Design (Dharma) that Is Where You Create True Wealth (Artha); And big bonus … it’s also the path towards spiritual liberation (Moksha) and elevating this reality.

    So where in the past money, business, spirituality, sexuality were all split and compartmentalized now they MUST come back together for true success.

    When we put the mind in service to the soul, when we follow our intuitive hits and then develop strategies by following the energy, that’s when the magic, the much yearned for success, actually happens.

    Really, the question to ask yourself is whether you experience a rise or a lightness or an excitement in your energy as you interact with my energy in the form of these words and in the videos on the page.

    If so, then I’d be so delighted and excited to have you join us on this revolutionary and exciting adventure.

    I can already feel the energy of all of you excited, bubbling, transforming and being the change you’ve been longing to be.

    I can’t wait to support you in becoming the Queen of Wealth that you already are!

    Are you a lopsided Goddess?

    Here’s what things look like for many of us right now

    We need all of our arms to handle the challenges of the world. We are weighted down, perhaps even limping with the amount we have going on. Sometimes we may even need to self amputate to get it all done, and what tends to go is our health, self-care and our sense of peace.

    You have the why, and we have the path for you to

    go from multi-tasking and overwhelm at home and work to becoming a potent many-armed Goddess who can handle it all, Shakthi Rising.


    You’re not just a business woman.

    You’re also a Goddess. You’re a queen. 

    And it’s time for you to embrace ALL of those sides of yourself.



    As your Shakthi rises, you will become a potent many-armed Goddess who can handle it all, with inner work on the right side and outer work on the left side, and balanced areas of life at the top (like Goddess Durga pictures below with the Transformation Star above her, the Wealth Star to the left and the Illumination Star to the right).

    “Kavita has a keen sense of awareness of the larger picture and the ability to work with clients to transform troubles into triumphs. She asks questions that create growth and greater vision and provide the learning and change that helps others help themselves.

    Her desire to learn and become a master at all that she applies herself to is obvious in her coaching. Because of her background in law and business and her deep exploration into her own and others highest potential through various coaching programs her toolbox is a wonderful array of the practical and the artful.

    My processing of things that were formerly struggles has been greatly influenced by her thoughtful guidance and support and I thank her for her belief in me and the potential she sees and supports in me, even in times when I can’t see it myself.“

    Jamie Askin | Chef and Massage Therapist


    “Kavita Leela is on a mission to ensure the success of every heart-centered pioneering entrepreneur who struggles with the business and legal details that can bog us down from our big visions. We can only be as big as the structure underneath us will allow us to grow, and with Kavita Leela pulling this content together, watch out world, conscious entrepreneurs around the globe will be soaring to new heights in their income, success and impact. Kavita Leela is a shining example of what it means to truly bring your heart into your business. Her intuitive wisdom and sensitivity to human nature combined with her unstoppable exuberance for the path of conscious entrepreneurship is joyfully contagious and… a teaching to all.”
    Sage Lavine I Purposeful Business Expert, Purpose2Properity

    Won’t it Be Nice to Leave Behind:

      Justifying, proving, defending who you are and what you know
      ​Trying to convince others that what you see is true
      Over-giving and trying to save everyone else
      Allowing your past to run your present, instead of allowing the future self pull you towards your epic dreams
      Stop judging yourself, analyzing, and trying to control other people
      Being confused and unclear which leads to wasting time and pursuing things that aren’t really a contribution and slow you down
      Inconsistent creation, procrastinating, breaking your word to yourself and others, and not having high standards

    This Program Is For You If:

      You’ve done lots of work, but the magic just hasn’t showed up yet in your life
      ​You are ready to finally step into making conscious decisions instead of letting your subconscious run the show
      ​You want to follow your intuition, but have a hard time doing it consistently because your intellect has different ideas
      ​Don’t understand why your dreams aren’t happening despite you doing all the right things
      You see what’s broken in the Matrix of the Mainstream, and you no longer fit into that narrative, or maybe you never did?
      ​You know you are here for so much more, a higher calling
      ​You long to know how to create consistently and to do it your way!

    As we move out of the Piscean age and into the Aquarian Age, higher vibration energies are more available and accessible in our physical reality. (See above for what the 5D Energies are).

    Never has it been more possible for each and every one of us to step into embodying our inner Buddha, Christ Consciousness, Krishna Consciousness, Durga, Lakshmi, Isis, Mary Magdelene, or Mother Teresa energy … or the consciousness of whatever other kind of high vibe being appeals to your heart and soul.

    Your greatness is more easily accessible than ever before.

    The possibilities you sense are easier to actualize than ever before.

    Instant Actualization is more easily possible than ever before.

    All the magical things you imagined when you were young are more available to you now than ever before.

    How do you access the magic and the miracles?

    By clearing away all the layers in your brain that are clouding, masking and hiding your True Self.

    The more you shine the light of your pure heart and soul, the more your energy rises.

    Each time your energy rises, your timeline shifts to a higher path.

    Yes, it’s true. Your future actually alters and changes in response to who you are being.

    You have way more power than you realize.

    And, when you shift, the universe must shift. It’s a scientific law. It’s proven by Quantum Science.

    When you upvibe you shift to a more joyous timeline.

    When you downvibe, you get more fear, lack and doubt.

    “This program rocks! It is a fabulous beginning to a never-ending journey. It will open your mind to things you never ever thought were possible and give you assistance with defining a clear direction for yourself. It is both heart-based and practical.

    Julie Carr I Entrepreneur

    Kavita Rani Arora, Esq. is the founder of Epic Dream Academy® and host of the Quantum LEAP Podcast, where thought leaders, changemakers and visionary leaders come to create Quantum Prosperity & Productivity, the Feminine Way.

    As an Unconventional Business Strategist and Spiritual Catalyst, Kavita has developed a proven process for creating soul-driven success based on ancient Vedic wisdom, neuroscience, the Quantum Field, the Divine Feminine, modern spiritual science and Daily Nirvana®. 

    Kavita gave up her career as a lawyer and Fortune 500 director in favor of listening to her soul’s true calling. For more than a decade, she's worked with thousands of people, including visionary entrepreneurs, high-powered leaders from UBS, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo through her transformational programs, workshops and retreats.

    Kavita earned her Bachelor’s degree from the Wharton School of Business and her J.D. from Santa Clara University. She’s a perpetual student, with at least 15 different coaching and leadership certifications (and counting). Prior to starting her own business, she spent 15 years negotiating contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars for Fortune 500 companies like Avaya, AT&T, HP, and Sprint. 

    Kavita has spoken alongside such luminaries as Dr. Christiane Northrup, Marianne Williamson, Lynne Twist and Gabrielle Bernstein. She is currently living her dream in her resort-like home in Southern California with her husband, Moneesh, and son, Vijay.

    “Most women are not taught to speak their truth or ask for what they need in a way that stems from their true feminine power.  Kavita has devoted her deep wisdom and personal life experience to giving women the skills, tools, and self awareness to speak up from their heart, courageously and compassionately –  now that is feminine power. Kavita has the spiritual depth and the practical life experience to be a great teacher, mentor and guide for any woman ready and willing to access and speak from her feminine power.”

    Christine Arylo | spiritual catalyst, MBA | best-selling author | creator of the Feminine Super Powers


    Kavita is THE coach for women who want to clear what’s blocking them from their truth and their voice.

    In today’s fast paced market and world, over 5000 messages are ignored every single day. If you don’t want your message to be one of those, it’s important to have someone like Kavita who can hone in on who you TRULY are, what you are REALLY here to say, and connect you with the courage inside to go out and say it. Business success demands no less. Work with Kavita.”

    Kylie Slavik | Digital Marketing Expert


    “Before Kavita’s program, I was working as a freelance consultant psychotherapist . But I’ve always had the longing for building a business of my own, doing what I love, in my own terms, while having an abundant income.

    The program was a huge revelation. I started identifying and cutting away all the stories I tell myself that keep me stuck. If you want to build a business online, with equal balance between inner development and strategies, you definitely should work with Kavita.”

    Luz Elena Langle | Psychotherapist. Gestalt Therapy & Gender Perspective



    All QLS programs begin as soon as you register. You’ll instantly get access to high value bonuses and Orientation materials. The Facebook group will open in February.

    You’ll be learning my secrets to $20-50K months and multiple 6-figure years through your dharma, your purpose. The best part though, is that you will have a whole year to custom design your pleasurable path to prosperity and peace, while creating the ROI you have been dreaming of.


    Yes! You will be able to be on the calls live, listen to the calls on the membership site + download them to listen again and again at your leisure. We will be doing both inner and outer work on these calls to keep you in congruent action so you actualize your desires and dreams with ease. There’s a way around every block and we are here to help you find it!

    If you have questions, you can post in the Private FB Group or email my assistant at support@epicdreamacademy.com


    You’ll have the opportunity to receive laser coaching with me on every LIVE call. You can also ask questions in the FB group. The women I attract tend to be warm, deep, supportive and smart.


    Yes! This course is for anyone who has an epic dream and isn’t sure how to get there, but is willing to change and do what it takes to get ther!

    We meet you where you are, whether you have a business or not … or, whether you want to start a business,  you’re just beginning your business or you’ve been in business a while and aren’t making enough money, or perhaps your business is a false mission and you no longer feel passionate about it. It doesn’t matter. Whether you have a business or not, we can help you. If you have a job, we can help you get a raise or a promotion. If you’re a Mom who wants to be a better Mom, we can help you do that. 

    We are committed to supporting you in creating multiple income streams from activities that are congruent with your dharma and light up your soul. We go deep with spirituality and business which means you get the solid, strong business strategies AND you create success without selling out on your soul. In fact, it’s just the opposite. When you are doing what our soul intended you to do, the universe creates magic to support you.


    Definitely. I will get you tuned into your light and your true mission so you can leverage all the business foundations and expertise you have put in place to finally create the success, wealth and impact you have been longing for.


    Yes. The teachings apply to spiritual business and a spiritual path to wealth. Whether you’re a consultant, author, energy healer, spiritual mentor, branding specialist, web designer, photographer, consultant, or a coach of AND kind, etc… these spiritual and business skills will be useful and generate more money and impact. If you’re still unsure, email me at: kavita@epicdreamacademy.com


    Yes!  While I serve primarily entrepreneurs, these principles and teachings can be applied in the corporate and non-profit sector. Think of it like being an intrapreneur and change agent within your organization. Also, our live calls will be focused more on what your plan is for the week or month, any blocks you are hitting and support in getting back into inspired action again. If you’re still unsure, email me at: kavita@epicdreamacademy.com


    There is no program out there in the women’s spiritual business arena that goes as deep with both spirituality and business strategy. A lot of programs that claim to be spiritual are really just New Age or watered down spirituality. This program is based in Vedic and Yogic wisdom and Tantra PLUS solid business principles from outside of the coaching industry. I’m Wharton educated and a lawyer, so I’m super practical. And, I’ve been steeped in Vedic wisdom all my life PLUS I have done over 800 hours of training in Yoga and Tantra and am currently training in Kundalini Yoga which is one of the most intense, deep and effective spiritual paths ever.

    Another main difference is that I really care about your success. I’m not out there focused on how big MY business gets. I’m focused on a huge desire to serve each and every woman who works with me. You will never be just another number to me. You are a unique and special woman with so many gifts to give. The world needs you now to show up in your power and your wealth and it’s my mission to support you in that.

    We also go much deeper than just mindset and change your EnergySet. Energy is everything.

    Einstein said:


    Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.


    We will support you in becoming congruent, becoming an energetic match to that which you desire, so it shows up with ease AND we are providing the best business and life strategies so you can take congruent action and show the universe you’re serious about your dharma (purpose).


    A lot of the women I coach are health coaches, relationship coaches, parenting coaches, yoga teachers, energy healers, spiritual mentors, authors, speakers, consultants etc… There’s a growing need for all of these services. And, if it’s your dharma to offer it and you show up and take action towards your dharma, the universe will meet you there AND  you will succeed.

    If you have any other questions about the program,

    please e-mail kavita@epicdreamacademy.com

    “Kavita Leela is a true exemplar of an evolutionary leader, who has clearly found her calling. She brings huge heart, tremendous passion, and highly intelligent wisdom to her mission of empowering world-changing entrepreneurs. It’s a rare person who can blend spirituality, integrity and deep purpose with practical business savvy, in service to the greater good, and Kavita Leela is doing just that.

    Kavita Leela is also a gifted coach, with a unique ability to gently uncover those things that are difficult to look at, yet most important to bring into conscious awareness and transform. With her coaching, I was able to get real clarity about my vision and to face those inner obstacles that had been holding me back from expressing the full authentic power I need to achieve it. She brought just the right balance of caring, insight, and challenge for me to move forward in a big way.”

    Sherri Lassila | Executive Coach, Purpose Tribes, Mindfulness Trainer, The Potential Project

    “Working with Kavita Leela was completely transformative for me and my business! I had been approaching the marketing in a very linear and somewhat masculine way. In giving myself the gift of co-creatively partnering with Kavita Leela, I have opened up so many more possibilities for my psychotherapy and coaching business. Literally, after our first session together, new opportunities to coach and teach opened up. The momentum hasn’t stopped since!”
    Keren Clark | Licensed Psychotherapist and Transformational Coach


    “Like my clients, I’m a busy mompreneur, so its crucial to take excellent care of myself. Working with Leela has been an incredible act of self-care as well as good business sense! Finding the right business information and resources can be a drain on time, money and energy. Leela Somaya’s support freed up my reserves so I could focus on what I do best. I feel blessed to find an approachable, personable lawyer and business strategist who knows how to balance the masculine and feminine side of business. It is such a relief to know that, in addition to her well-developed linear side, Leela is a spiritual creative who “gets me” and is able to express her extensive business experience, resources and knowledge-base in a way that matches my learning style. Through her dynamic delivery, she blends feminine and financial power to have an impact as a world changer.”
    Sher Wellwood | Coach for Visionary Mompreneurs


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