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  Watch all the interviews on your own time so you can really digest the wisdom and repeat the powerful energy practices that are featured on each interview.

  FREE access to an additional LIVE Quantum Leap Planning 3 day event that will help you integrate everything you learned in this series and put it into action using my proprietary Epic Dream Method

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  • Several courses to support you start your dream business (Your Mission Map, Evolutionary Biz Basics, and Wealth Alchemy Lab Quickstart)
  • The HeART of Getting What You Want course: create the required inner shifts for your epic dreams come true

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 Inside your bonus Quantum Leap Program,

You’ll Reprogram Your Overloaded Entrepreneurial Brain to release emotional blockages to prosperity, double your productivity, and increase client attraction through Yogic wisdom and Tantra (using secret methods most yogi’s don’t even know).

  Plan out at least the Quantum Leaps you will create this year and HOW you will create them! 

  Intuitively Plan Your Year Around Your True Self and Energy so you never burn out and create more prosperity and satisfying relationships than ever before.

  Learn to KarmaShift (change your destiny) through Chakra-based Shakthi Powers so you can activate ALL Seven Brains in your Body! 

All so you can be Grounded, Magnetic & Confident as you become more Visible + Increase your Impact & Income.

  • Are you letting your wounded masculine side overtake your divine feminine creating not enough self-care which leads to feeling dead inside, decreased libido, anxiety, exhaustion, burn out, depression or even serious illness?
  • Perhaps you have gotten too soft inside the wounded feminine and no longer have access to your healthy masculine that supports you in taking the right actions in your business & life rather than flitting around from thing to thing in an ungrounded way?
  • Are you feeling stressed, strained and sick of hustling?
  • Do you feel out of touch with yourself, your body?  And, think to yourself, sensuality, sexuality, what’s that? (Maybe you used to have a sex drive, even a high one, and you wonder where the heck it went? And, along with it went some of your clarity, confidence, business mojo and your access to your intuitive powers)
  • Are you wondering if things will ever slow down so you can have some space to be creative, feel your feelings, dance and enjoy some pleasure, bliss, and peace?

“Kavita literally changed my life. I know that’s a big statement. She enabled me to look at a shameful event in my life with a new outlook. With her help, I was able to turn my painful experience into something that transformed me into a better wife, mother, friend, and business owner.

Kavita is a catalyst for change for women and the world needs her brilliance TODAY. She has the power and wisdom to zone in and pinpoint exactly what isn’t working in your personal and professional life, what is needed and how to implement her teachings for lasting change. This course will change your life, I have no doubt because she changed mine and I will never be the same. Thank god for that.“

Sharisse Ben-Yaacov | Online Business Manager for Female Leadership Coaches


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INSTANT LIFETIME ACCESS to Planifest 2021 with over 22 interviews from top experts around the World who are contributing to global Expansion and Awakening & more … VALUE $5000:

  • $2K in bonus programs
  • RECORDING of 3-day Quantum Leap event
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Honestly, I almost didn’t offer this savings … lots of people use internet marketing tactics, and that’s not how I want this to feel at all. My choice was to offer this savings for honoring your deep knowing and immediate yes, OR to just offer the higher price. I chose this route because it felt right. Please choose what feels right to you. I honor that in you.

“Kavita is THE coach for women who want to clear what’s blocking them from their truth and their voice.

In today’s fast paced market and world, over 5000 messages are ignored every single day. If you don’t want your message to be one of those, it’s important to have someone like Kavita who can hone in on who you TRULY are, what you are REALLY here to say, and connect you with the courage inside to go out and say it. Business success demands no less. Work with Kavita.”

Kylie Slavik | Digital Marketing Expert

We will focus on creating a sustainable, nourishing path of ease which includes taking on just enough to challenge you, but not so much that it drains you, fragments you and overwhelms you.  

Your health will improve, your money flows will increase, and you’ll feel more connected to yourself and others, and you’ll be more and more of a contribution to the world because you are creating from your Shakthi Fire and accessing more and more of the state of INFINITE FLOW.

You receive all the interviews, recordings of the 3-day event and the 6 week Quantum Leap Planning Process for just $44.

The price of the program will go up, so if this experience is calling to you, join us now.

If you have any questions about the program, please email

Here’s what happened for Reena when she began to work with us:

“Before Daily Nirvana Temple I was struggling with my full authentic expression.

I signed up because I love the sample of Daily Nirvana Temple foundation and I felt like dear Kavita was speaking directly to my heart, mind and blooming soul…

3 things that happened in the last 6 months were…

Setting clear boundaries with my family of origin…

Sharing more of my light in my professional local circle…

And committing to courageous acts of putting my expression out there.

I know I am growing and my mind is opening up where previously I felt stuck, frustrated and even hopeless.

I have been making small steps forward with each intuitive hit that I feel.

I feel more witnessed and supported by all that is around me.

Kavita is a warm loving mama who can hold you my tender precious friend and keep you true to the great force of good in you.

She will fan your flame so you glow as a light in the valuable contribution that you are to this world we live you. We need you!”

Reena Shetty, a Doctor living in Orange County

What You Will Receive – Program Details

Quantum Leap Planning Live Retreat 1/11-1/13

  • Live attendance at and recordings and slides of the retreat plus a special retreat workbook
  • An Intuitive Planning Process for your entire year
  • Identifying and designing at least 4 Quantum Leaps for the year
  • The Epic Dream Method process that shows you how to Quantum Leap Beyond your subconscious blocks and into your greatest possible future. 
  • Activate Your 4 Pillars of Quantum Prosperity 
  • Create Quantum Productivity through Blissipline and Flowcus
  • Guest panelists and speakers to support your Quantum Leap

Quantum Solstice Justice on 12/21:

      • Consciously complete 2020 so you can make 2021 your best year ever
      • Plant the seeds of Quantum Social Justice

Topics we will cover include:

    • Creating a Daily Nirvana Practice that is customzed to you which includes supporting you more fully be the energy of you (and, not what society, your parents, your spouse, or anyone else expects of you)

    • Designing a prosperity plan that supports you in creating wealth in congruence with your calling and in defining what prosperity means to you in every area of your life

    • Clearing the Chakras

    • Goddess transmission and deepening with the Divine Feminine

Bonus: Business and Leadership Courses valued at over $2K

    • Your Mission Map – intuitive business planning

    • The HeART of Getting What You Want – the inner work to start shifting some karmic patterns

    • Quantum Leap Your Business – Authentic Sales using archetypes of the Divine Feminine


I’ll support you to create in harmony with your own natural energy, rhythms and cycles and the cycles of nature. You’ll learn to receive energy from everything around you to support you in growing your sacred work, deepening your relationships, improving your health and wealth and creating your epic dreams in a sustainable and nourishing way.

It’s the pleasure paradigm of prosperity creation and meeting your targets as contrasted with the pushing paradigm of pain and fear pulling you towards your goals. You’ll naturally and easily start making choices that are more congruent with the reality you desire to create.


“… exceeded my expectations. 

While I’ve trained in various yoga and divine feminine traditions for years, this program provided an opportunity to strengthen in areas that I believe are essential to my healing and growth. 

When I joined the Daily Nirvana Temple, I had just taken the leap to live the life of a digital nomad living abroad while earning my living as a writer. 

Talk about a leap! 

My intention was to continue the spiritual growth I’d begun back home in California as much as possible, but giving the very affordable price of the program, I wasn’t sure what to expect.. 

Ultimately, the entire program — the content. the sisterhood and Kavita’s guidance proved much richer and transformational than what I could have possibly anticipated. 

The content I received supported me in integrating my practical, daily goals with spiritual growth, while remaining consistent in both. 

The sisterhood and Kavita’s input provided a structure, and virtual community that supports my soul path regardless of my location. 

This has allowed me to strengthen the quality of the relationship I’ve made with folks while traveling while increasing my income and living a freedom lifestyle.

The pace of the program and the combination of both self study and work with an online group allowed me go deep and integrate over time.

Karina Howell, a writer from San Francisco

Wild and often waiting to be liberated, she is the pleasure, passion and dynamic force of the fabric of reality. Shakti is honoured in India as the mother goddess and the universal source of energy, power, and creativity.


The aim of the temple is to support you in creating a Daily Nirvana Practice that gets you started on your path towards realizing the 4 aims of life, the 4 Purushartha:

 1. Dharma – Purpose, your calling, the reason why you were born and the meaning of your life

2. Artha – Prosperity and wealth derived through following your soul’s calling
3. Kama – Pleasure, play, delight and sensual gratification
4. Moksha – Paradise; peace that comes from spiritual liberation; and, freedom from pain and personal reincarnation

I’ve creating this amazing foundation of learning for you,

and you can get started for just $44

The Powerful Transformations Others Have Experienced

When Darice joined Daily Nirvana Temple, she was feeling stuck professionally and financially.

“Within a few months of working with Kavita in the Daily Temple Nirvana practice I received opportunity to do an amazing Screenwriting Coaching program! 

She has this amazing way of balancing the spiritual with the practical.

I have had spiritual coaches and I have had professional coaches. I always felt like something was missing or lacking. Repeatedly I would either stall spiritually, or professionally, or both.

I just kept seeking out new ways, new teachers, and new methods. My search is finally over! Kavita is the real deal!

I love that her processes and meditations teach me how to face what is going on in my life: not resist it, not override it, not deny it; but actually face it.

At the same time Kavita offers simple tools that help me transform my sometimes difficult present, using my desired future, into a better present moment.

I am so happy I found Kavita and her life changing approach to personal transformation!

Don’t wait, sign up to work with her today!”

Darice Clark, Screenwriter

“I was struggling in keeping a constant daily morning practice and I thought what Kavita was offering was a great answer to what I needed. I started a meditation practice (for the 9th or 10th time or so) in March, but thanks to our support between each other, feeling my ‘sisters’ had my back and held me accountable, I’ve really made it an every day practice. I’ve cleaned my computer, my bookshelves and my mind.

I sent a document of my Masters Degree that had been hanging on my head for years. I’ve become more solid and accurate in listening to my body, in tuning in with myself.

In listening deeply to myself, I’ve found more clarity in my ‘yesses’ and my ‘nos.’ This is something that will impact my business and all spheres of my life.

All the time and money you’ll invest is worth it. This is a great experience. Kavita’s presence, background and knowledge is a beautiful offering that can really make a difference in the way you navigate through life.

You just have to be willing to show up!”

Luze Lange | Mexico

Feminist Psychotherapist, Mom & Wife

People have reported extraordinary shifts
This, and more, is possible for YOU, too…
What are you waiting for?


I already have a full life and busy schedule? How will being a member support me and not create more burden or responsibility to show up to another ‘thing’?

We are sharing more efficient ways of operating so you will have more time for the things that are important to you.

Who is this membership for?

Anyone who desires a Quantum Leap.

How much time should I dedicate daily?

As little as one minute a day. 30 minutes a day is optimal for your daily practice.

Can I get a refund?

This is a non-refundable purchase.

Receive 22+ interviews, recordings of the 3-day Quantum Planning event and $2K in bonus courses!

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